Wow oh wow! We had some serious fun with the Dolloween Parade this year (the first set of 80+ photos, the second set of 70+ photos) – please check them out and feel free to leave comments on your favorite ones. The Doll Diaries staff will be picking winners over the next day or so and we should have the announcement soon.

Now let’s see what else your dolls were up to this week.

From Kristen L.– I recently received souvenirs from England. so my dolls (Kanani, K2, Molly, and Ivy) are wearing My London Girl pieces.

From Fawn – Betta’s newborn baby brother, Glenn, came home from the hospital today.  Mommy says that if she sits very still, she can hold him. He is so soft and smells pretty.  His bottle and binky are close at hand in case he starts to cry.

From Erin, an Australian AG Fan – This week my family and I went on a holiday to Canberra, Australia’s capital city. We went to a science museum called Questacon. There was a wall dedicated to Australians that won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Since 1915, we have only ever had one female prize winner, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, who won for her work on the telomerase (pronounced teller-mes), which, and I quote something Australian comedienne Claire Hooper said on an Australian satirical news TV show “Good News Week”, are “the little bits at the end of DNA that stops the DNA unraveling”. My science-obsessed Lottie doll, Mairead, was more than happy to pose for a picture!

From Tony – Jane is seeing to the last minute preparations for her Halloween party before her guests arrive. Jane is the Bride of Frankenstein this year.

Miley brushing her pet foal. She’s thinking of naming him Chocolate Chip or maybe Oreo. What do you guys think? –

Sabine (Kidz’n’Cats) sitting by the lake. From Agnieszka

From Jodie – Jackie taking Blaze for a ride on the hill.

From Cordelia – Katherine, Rose and their friend, Marisa, are having a little party after their Halloween trick or treating. Their costumes are: a woodland fairy, a butterfly, and a pop star, but they asked that I not say who is which!

From Rachel – Felicity loves riding Penny through the crunchy fall leaves!


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