Oh wow! Your doll have had a great week! So many fun photos to share this week – let’ s get started.

From Kristen L.: Molly decides to be adventurous and climbs a tree.

From Cordelia – While Katherine continues to practice for her recital at the end of the month, Rose decided to do a little exploring beyond the doll room on her own. What a surprise she had upon meeting one of the attic dolls! She remembered her manners, however, and reached out her hand in greeting. She will have quite a story to share with Katherine upon her return. ( The “attic doll” was my Christmas gift in 1960. I believe that she was called a ‘Wendy Walker’ doll. I called her Wendy Jane and she was very special to me. She is wearing her original outfit.)

From Tony – It’s getting cold outside so Jane and her doll, Elizabeth are inside playing by a cozy fire while her kitten, Ginger takes a nap.

Amelia is about to throw a snowball at Molly, who is unsuspectingly making a snow angel. (They got snow last night!) Watch out, Molly! from Kitty-Kat of themanydollsinmyroom.wordpress.com and everafterhighfansite.wordpress.com

Saige is ready to create a masterpiece in water colors. From Beth.

My mom, sister and I found this at Aldi. It is an 83-piece set of food intended for children, but many of the pieces are the perfect size for 18″ dolls. It cost only 8.99! If you want your dolls to have a good-and-plenty Thanksgiving, this is perfect. From Bethany.

From Jessica – From left to right: Melody, Saige and Sammie having fun together at homeschool group! I will be selling some of the clothes they’re wearing in my new etsy shop soon, and I’ll do a post on my blog when it opens! Note: Saige and Sammie are not my dolls, they belong to some of my friends. But Melody is a Gotz Beautiful Girlhood doll, and she belongs to me.

My dolls new shoes that she got. They are little miss matched. From Livelovedolls.

From Sabrina: Emily is looking through the ornaments and picks out which ones she wants to hang on the tree.

From Abigail – Heres a photo of Felicity wearing a new outfit from my first visit to an AG store! She is waving to you!

From Sabrina – I wanted to share a custom mini I created. She is a mini Addy doll. I took her hair down, it was not that difficult as I thought it was going to be to deal with.   Her new name is Addison and she is a 70’s girl.

From Jordy  – Roan with her Domo.

From Maggie – Our dolls are having a Native American Harvest Festival (my family just had our own.).They are all holding their cornhusk dolls that we made them. In the middle is Tessa, on the far right is Orchid, and on the far left is Alexandra.

From Katie M – This is McKenna’s DuckTape wallet I made for her recently. She has AG money inside.

From Yukari – Maj-Britt (formerly known as Kirsten) and Sammy (modern Samantha) join the St. Martin´s Day lantern procession, a November tradition in Germany.

From Hallie – Rebecca is making rainbow loom bracelets while waiting for cheer practice.

From PeaceloveAGgirl – Saige’s Christmas photo.

And finally, look what I made last night. I made Paisley a froggie hat using the Doll Tag Clothes pattern I bought from PixieFaire.com.  Now, this is my first attempt at one of the doll hats and while I am happy with the first one, I can already see that for the next one I need to position the froggie eyes more forward on the head. Even if you are a beginning crocheter (is that even a word?) like me, this pattern is very well written and easy to follow. Paisley is wearing the limited edition Doll Diaries pajamas that are on sale this weekend only at MyDollsLife.com.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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