Good morning everyone – I hope you had a great week. Things have been a bit crazy here (when are they not?) with a trip to the ER with Megan – she broke her ankle and is now sporting a fabulous pink cast – and its Tech Week for Natalie – a week of serious dress rehearsals before opening night of a play or musical. She is in a local production of “A Christmas Carol” which means 8 shows over the next two weekends. It will be busy but she loves it! 

Now let’s take a look at the adventures your dolls have had this week.

From Kristen L.- I don’t know about your dolls, but my dolls (especially Saige) love Disney! In the picture you can see doll-sized (Build A Bear) princess & Minnie Mouse headbands, keychain-sized Duffy & Shellie May Disney bears, doll-sized Anna & Elsa dolls, vinylmation jr., autograph book keychain, Mickey Ear Hat, Frozen figures, Anna costume & accessories, and Frozen t-shirts (FromEchoWithLove on Etsy).

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose enjoyed their week at school so much that they decided to set up a classroom for their dolls on the weekend. They like being the teachers!

This is Helen (Sophie by Kathe Kruse) standing by the lake in a rather melancholy mood (warm days are over, winter is coming…)

From Kaf Frum – Last week Maddie, Llewellyn  and I had the exciting time of visiting Oahu Hawaii, including the American Girl pop up store. The store had just got in their new souvenir Star T’s and we brought one home for Miriam, pictured here. Maddie and Llew’s adventure is slowly being added to my blog

From Linda R – A Big THANK YOU to Our Service Men and Women!!!!! Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

From Kylie G – I am having a 100 subs contest on my youtube! Click here to check it out:

From Farrah Lily, here are the little pals, Rahel and Dell sitting peacefully by the waterfalls, enjoying the crisp Autumn air and the sweet smell of fallen leaves. 

From Becky W – The AG Mystery Club Meeting

The Granddaughters had a day off of school. They turned their entire playroom into a house for the dolls. This is what they came up with…… all done by them. I’m just forwarding what they sent me!!!! Very proud Grandma Linda G.

From melangell.  Clementine enjoys a cold day out in the woods.

Yesterday (November 14th) was my Birthday and I got A LOT of stuff. But what I wanted to share with you today was the two new monster high dolls that I got. Twyla, daughter of the boogey man, and Howleen, daughter of a werewolf and little sister of Clawdeen Wolf. I love my monster high collection with all my heart and I recommend that you get these dolls, because they’re worth the joy and the beauty. – Camille

Savannah enjoys spending time outside.  On nice days she especially likes to go on hikes through the woods.  She sees so many incredible things!  Birds, mushrooms, squirrels, flowers, trees, and sometimes rabbits or deer.  Today she is hoping to see an egret!  Savannah is a “Maru and Friends” doll and she is wearing her meet outfit.  Submitted by JGKelsey 

From Rachel D. – Megan and Mia are ready to call it a night after a long day at school.

Corrine, Charlotte, Elyse and Emily can hardly stand still for this  photo.  On this beautiful November day they are anxious to be outside playing in the leaves. From Fawn.
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