Sorry for the delay in getting these posted this morning. Natalie had a swim meet and we are just getting back. Thank you for all the gorgeous photos this week!!

Magic Attic doll

Laura posted her Sunday Showcase photo to our Facebook wall. “This is Heather, a Magic Attic Club doll. The Magic Attic Club dolls are some of my favorite dolls from childhood, though I actually didn’t get my first until I was in my late teens. Miss Heather is my favorite, and I absolutely adore how she looks in Ruthie’s meet dress.”

Another entry via Facebook – Wendi’s daughter wanted to share a photo of all her dolls with us – I just love seeing Bitty Baby right there in the middle!

Erin sent in a photo of her #39 Mackenzie in her Winter gear! Winter in Australia is pretty harsh, so she must stay warm. If she thought April was freezing then I don’t know what she’ll think about the weather in June!

AGTLCrepair made her own version of  Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand including food.

Laurie was inspired by MyFroggyStuff and made a couch for her dolls.

From Mary Rose – Bethany and her little sister Jenny are leaving a May basket on Gran’s door. Bethany is wearing her May Queen crown of flowers. Happy May first everyone!

Bella sent in a photo of her dolls doing a really cool cheerleading stunt she and her cousin put together! The fliers (the girls on top from left to right) are Felicity, Julie, Kanani, and Elizabeth. The bases (the girls with a foot on their head) are Jess, Samantha, Nicki, and Emily. The girls with their arms in a “high V” (the ones in the middle) are McKenna, Chelsea (I can’t find her #), and Lanie. The girls in a split are Marie-Grace and Courtney (unsure of #).

And here is AGOverseasFan’s video she made thanking me for making her YouTube channel a Spotlight Site last week:

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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