Good morning! Have I told you all lately what an awesome community of doll fans you are?  I appreciate every comment you leave, every photo that is sent in and it truly makes me happy that we can share this creative hobby. Now, let’s see what the dolls have been up to this week!

From Linda – Saige checked the mailbox to see if her iron ons from the Doll Diaries Etsy shop had arrived.  Yea!!!!They are here! The girls will be so happy! One step closer to being ready for Camp Doll Diaries!

McKenna loves her outfit she won! She felt like dressing as the gorgeous Ashlynn, so I helped her with the hair. From Vivienne Rose

From Tony – Jane and Cecelia are chatting while waiting for their dance class to begin.

From Kristen L.- Elsa and Anna are on the laptop looking for something to do.

From Agnieszka – This is my new doll, Ania (Celia by Asivil, a Spanish company). Last Friday we went on our first walk together and unexpectedly discovered a wild strawberry in bloom.

From Pine Valley Girls Club– McKenna made a new sleeping bag to get ready for Camp Doll Diaries. She can’t wait!

From BlueberryBrook on Etsy –  Even though Easter was a while back, but reading through all the fun crafts here on Doll Diaries inspired me to sew this Easter/Spring dress. Kaya thinks it’s perfect for twirling!

From Melangell – Kaya showing off her new Jingle Dress.

From Lena B – The doll on the left is my new Corolle doll. Her name is Libby. The other doll is going to be her twin sister Maggie.

From Victoria – My mom and I spent the afternoon dressing up the dolls and having fun on Saturday!  Then on Sunday we played Summer Camp for the dolls.  We had Baking Camp, Horse Camp and Dance Camp to choose from.   We had a lot of fun!

From Claire – I had to make a design out of recycled materials for a school project, and I decided to use my doll, Lydia, as my model! The dress is made out of newspaper, plastic bags, and recycled tape.

From Chrissy – My dolls getting ready for my birthday – (L-R)  Paola Reina Soy Tu Emma who I call Mati (who was JUST brought back from Paris as a birthday gift for me), Maria Cabezon (2013 MyTwinn Adopt a Friend), Stardust Classic’s Laurel the Woodfairy doll sporting Build A Bear’s Merida dress and EuroGirl sneakers, the Doll’s House Jett with hazel eyes, Amy Pond (2012 Our Generation Kendra) wearing Carter’s preemie pants, onesie (as a shirt) and slippers and Kyoko Jones (Adora’s Jasmine)  with one of her new kittens.  Our furry friends hail from Target’s recent stuffed animal section. Unless specified, dolls are wearing their original clothing (because we just moved and haven’t unpacked the clothes yet!).

From Shelby-Grace: Kit and I finally made it to the Mall Of America’s American Girl store! We bought a few outfits, but also something more: another doll! Who do you think she is? All guesses are welcome!

From Amanda E -Isabelle and Elizabeth modeling what I got for my birthday (May 4th). I got Isabelle’s leg-warmers, pancake tutu (not shown), coral sweater, rosette leo, and hair care set where Elizabeth is getting her hair curled. Have a Happy Sunday!

From Becky – The dolls preparing for Cinco de Mayo.

Here is Caroline playing with some Bubbles! From Mirabella and Katherine(shiningstarag)

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – In celebration of Dance week-here are Avery, Rosie & Isabelle in ballet clothes. Enjoy dance week.

From Cindy – 2 redheads–Shasha and Magic Attic Megan. 

From Bethany – I have been putting together a Cinderella movie with my dolls and thought I’d send in a picture. This is Cinderella’s glass slipper when she leaves it behind at the ball. Enjoy the effect of the slipper- it was hard to make!

From Jackson – my doll Sky (the one with her back turned) saying goodbye to her BFF Sabrina as she (Sky) heads to the doll hospital.

From Suzanne – Saige goes retro in honor of Julie’s birthday this week! Her outfit was from a thrift-store rescue Battat doll, with a woven headband and sash made from t-shirt scraps. Her boots are from My Life from Walmart.

From Paris – All Of My Lovely Dolls Of The Briannanv1 Crew

From Janet – This week I made the blue dress and the polka dot skirt, and my mother made the polka dot shirt and white turtleneck shirt.

From Caroline – Niki is so excited that she will be going to horse camp in Texas. It is a big deal because she is going to doll regionals camp. She is so excited but will miss her friends and family. 

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