Apologies for not getting the Picks of the Week posted. I had the best of intentions, but with rehearsal for the next musical Nat is in plus rehearsal for dance recital, it never happened. With tomorrow being the official start of Camp Doll Diaries, I have few notes for you. Picks of the Week will go on hold until September. There will be a different series on Saturdays for the Summer. Throwback Thursdays and Sunday Showcase will continue all summer long.

Let’s see what adventures the dolls had this past week and then let’s get ready to kick off a summer of fun with Camp Doll Diaries!

From Melangell – All the campers and camp counselors got together for a picture for the start of CDD 2015.  The blue shirted girls went the first year in 2013.  The green shirts were from last year, 2014.  The new campers joining this year are in red.

From Linda G.  As Sweet Sue came out of the Hoppin’ Grill, Kirsten Karoline rode up on her bike. “Did you hear that MaryEllen is coming?” Sue exclaimed! “I’m so excited! We’ll have so much fun.”  “I wonder if she can double dutch (jump rope.)” said Karoline.

From Kristen L.– Grace and Bonbon going for a walk!

From Anna – Dreaming of Summer!

So this is my doll Lizzie and I make doll videos on a YT channel called Cutie PieAg

Madelon reminds us that May 26 was Samantha’s birthday. She celebrated with some ice cream from her parlor.

From Wendy – My Russian beauty, Victoria, playing with her matryoshka dolls.

From Erin R – An Australian American Girl Fan – Whilst going through some old photos, I found this lovely picture of my Kate (Saige) from mid-2014. I thought it was so lovely that I would share it here on Doll Diaries. In the background, you can see my little cousin’s Bitty Twin, as this was taken at her house.

From Lynn –  In my picture all of my dolls are dressed up for Easter ( I know its really late but I never thought about sending something in until now). My dolls from left to right are: Molly, Saige, Sam, and Lynn. I also have  Pleasant Company Kirsten and Pleasant Company Samantha but they aren’t in this picture.

 From Reine – Best friends Mia and Elizabeth are packing up and getting ready for camp!  Elizabeth is an American Girl “Just Like You” #23. Mia is a Kidz ‘n Cats “Galina.” Furniture and props are a mixture of Our Generation, American Girl, and homemade crafts.

Here is my Anita Grace to wish you all a great Sunday – from Lulu_doll_1

From Fawn – Kevin had successful outpatient surgery this week. Here he is in his hospital gown just before surgery looking a little groggy because he was given a pill to help him relax. Thanks to Dr. Cheryl, he no longer has to wear his neck brace and is feeling really good. On the way home, Mom got him a strawberry milkshake as a special treat for being so brave.

From Saskia – This is Isabelles´s bed. To see more pics visit my blog Craftfun and more.

From UniverseRevolves – Kaya snuggles up and reads her favorite book with the cozy comforts of home .

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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  • Please just send in ONE photo per week for the Sunday Showcase so I can include everyone’s photos. If you have something longer or want to submit more photos visit the Get Featured page.
Have a great day everyone and we’ll see you tomorrow at Camp Doll Diaries!!