Good morning! What a beautiful weekend – I hope you are enjoying it! Our weekend has been filled with fun and we still have more to go, but don’t forget to take a few moments and remember what this weekend is all about and the brave men and women who gave all so we can be free. 

Now let’s see what your dolls have been up to!

From Wendy – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -Leonardo Da Vinci

From SewBig – This is an outfit I made using Thimbles and Acorns’ new pattern for an 1870’s Bustle Dress.

From Tony – Kanani is relaxing and having a shave ice. She wishes everyone a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

From Iris – Tuesday 19th was Kit’s birthday. I took this picture that morning to celebrate her beauty.

From Lilly – This week the dolls were wondering what it would look like to take song lyrics literally, so they made a video about it! See the finished result here: .

From JGKelsey – Savannah walks through fields of golden flowers, letting her hands graze against the blooms as she strolls.  She tilts her face up towards the sun, enjoying the warmth that beats down on her face.  For a second, Savannah contemplates letting herself fall back into the field of flowers.  Just lie on her back, look at the sky, and imagine what the cloud animals are doing up there. Maybe another day.  Today, she continues on her walk, smelling the flowers as she goes. Savannah is a Maru and Friends doll.  She is wearing a Carpatina outfit.

From Bethany – This is Vivian. She has newly had a makeover. When I got her, her hair was a mess. But not anymore! Here she is with the cherry blossoms. Stay tuned for this makeover to land on my YouTube channel. Magical Glimmers (on YouTube)

From Hannah – I made a hammock for my dolls. see how at

From Farrah Lily:  Sam couldn’t resist climbing up this tree as it was filled with the fresh fragrance of crab-apple blossoms.  The blossoms were only there for about 2 days, but we enjoyed them to the fullest.

From Sapphire – This is an old photo of my doll Angelina who is know Angelino. My dog Spencer loved to sit by my doll cause Angelina remained him of me. 

From Isabelle: I went hiking this Friday! Read about it on my blog!

My doll Lottie is reddy for the luau. From Sheliya.

Madelon picked up the new Purchase with Purchase outfit from AG while at the store this week.

From Eva K – So this is me, sometimes I’m ashamed to say that ” On my newest blog post I talk about the journey of my life. If you would like to read more please check out my blog AmericanGirlUtopia: and leave a comment of your favorite photo.

From Sunnyhappyfarm.

From melangell. Nurse Megan is waiting for all the Camp Doll Diaries campers to come for their health checkup.


Chestnut, the Makie shows up for her checkup

From Fawn – 

“Mom, come quick! I found something!”

“What is it, Brynn?”

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The dew was still on the grass and Brynn was outside exploring while her mom hung laundry out to dry in the sweet smelling air. What would she discover today? Perhaps a butterfly sipping nectar from a pansy or a tadpole in the pond. Maybe an earthworm under a rotting leaf or a robin gathering mud for its nest. Nature was always full of surprises and Brynn loved the hunt.

“I’m not exactly sure, but there are three of them.”

“Three of what?”

“I think they are trolls.”

“Trolls? I’ve got to see this!”

Brynn led the way as they tip toed quietly to the Hinoki Cypress and peaked beneath. There they were…three smiling little faces resting contentedly in the shade. They wore hats and slippers and had large eyes and pointed ears.

“I don’t think they are trolls, Brynn” Mom whispered.

“Then what are they – fairies, elves, gnomes?”

“Let’s see what we can find out” said Mom.

They hurried inside for the encyclopedia.

Trolls – large and mean (nope)

Fairies – delicate with wings (nope)

Gnomes – small and bearded (nope)

Elves – small, pointed ears, having magical powers (could be)

“Let’s have a second look” said Brynn. Back outside they went.

As quietly as they could they made their way back to the secret spot. Sadly, the little guys had disappeared. No matter, the experience ignited Brynn’s imagination. Who knows, maybe they would be back tomorrow when the dew was on the grass. Until then, magic was in the air.

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