Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry that today’s post is a little late, but things have been very busy here.

Thanks to those who sent in photos!


From Madelon – Lea out and about.

Sunday Showcase for May 22nd 2016

From Emmie – Lots of doll adventures this week! Here are Saige and McKenna modeling the new outfits I got at the AG store on the 11th. Grace got a new hairstyle there too. I went to some garage sales this week and got this mini Madame Alexander “Setting Sail” doll who I named Samantha. AND I fixed my old Molly doll up to look like new!!! WOW!


From Cordelia – The dolls are having great fun playing together in the park. Rose and Marisa are pretending to be woodland fairies and Katherine is their Fairy Queen.


From Fawn – It finally stopped raining long enough for the boys to get in some soccer. It feels good to be outside in the sunshine.

FullSizeRender (2)

McKenna decided to play outside before going to dinner this Friday. From Charlotte


From Kirsten – My daughter dressed up her MyTwinn doll, Abby, in the new Our Generation Safari Ready deluxe outfit and took this picture of her.  Abby is riding on her Our Generation horse.


From Eileen – Indie (a customized Saige doll with green eyes, freckles, and a brown wig) is looking a bit like Clara from the Nutcracker in Samantha’s Frilly Frock.

teddie (1)

From Victoria — This is my doll Teddie by the pool! http://victorialsmithauthor.blogspot.com/

Have a great week!