It’s time for our favorite feature of the week – Sunday Showcase – where we get to see what everyone’s dolls have been up to all week!

From Shelby-Grace: On a road trip, we made a stop at Little Round Top at Gettysburg, and that most certainly required a doll photo shoot 😉 Out of all the photos I took of Addy, this one turned out the best. I was inspired to do Addy’s hairstyle by looking at Chestnut Street Dolls’ blog photos of Josefina with her mini braids, so I attempted to try it on Addy’s hair. For my first time trying the style, I think it turned out pretty good! I added in some hair clips to hide some of my little mistakes 🙂

From Tony – Jane spent a lovely day in the park with her doll, Elizabeth. She fell asleep while reading. I wonder if she is dreaming about Camp Doll Diaries?

From Juliet – Hello out there in cyberspace! This week I completed my latest custom doll; Clarity! This sweet girl does indeed have rainbow hair, a reflection of my family’s, um, interesting hair-coloring past 😉 She was a Samantha, but I honestly never liked Sam and wanted a bit of color in my collection. Her wig is from the Etsy shop Sparkly Market. The wig is made for Blythe dolls, but they fit AG just a little big. Worth it for the color, in my opinion. The fiber of the wig really nice and soft, but the wig cap in bright white and the wefts aren’t too close to together. In all honesty, I just love this sweet girl! She may just be my favorite custom yet.

From Blair – I love designing outfits for Kit out of items from around the house, this one is my favorite.

From Linda G. “Would you like a cup of tea?” asked Kirsten. Thanks to Brandy for her wood burning stove post on Doll Diaries. Cabin is just a big cardboard box with marker lines drawn 1 inch apart. Granddaughters used it for a cabin at last years Doll Diaries camp.

From Jessica-Melody went to the playground with me on Mother’s day last week. Here she is having fun on the roundabout in her new blouse that I made for her.

Today Pine Valley Girls Club‘s McKenna went out for a photo shoot. This is one of our favorite photos we took.

From The Dolly Trolley – At the dolls are celebrating a very special birthday!

Isabelle is packing for Camp Myagrocks 2014! Learn more about it here: ~Sydney@myagrocks

This is my new doll Carlota by a Spanish company Vestida de Azul. She is only 11″ tall and I think she’s very sweet. I just love her chubby cheeks! I only wish she didn’t have this big fringe… From Agnieszka

From Katrina – This is what being a fangirl and being bored looks like. I am OBSESSED with divergent! My attempts at some of the female characters from left to right: Tris ( Historical Kirsten), Marlene (Custom Rebecca doll), and Christina (my sisters MAG). I am aware that Tris and Marlene are dead, but I still believe they are alive.

Hey guys! Have a nice Sunday, and follow me on Instagram (@ag_roses) for more photography! From Cassie

From Annie – I was at Goodwill the other day and I came across this!!! The Sweet Savannah dress for girls!!!! For only $7!!!! So I thought I’d share it with you for Sunday Showcase.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Westley (wearing her pjs) is advising Sophie (the Liv doll) how to style her hair. Sophie keeps her feet warm by resting them on a plush teddy bear.

From Kate – Here are my dolls Matilda-Jane and Gabby O’Kell chilling after making a stop motion.

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