Happy Mother’s Day to all! I hope each and everyone of you is being spoiled by family, showered with love and enjoying your day. It looks like the dolls have had lots of adventures this week. Let’s take a look.

From Paper Doll World – Attached is another photo of Viola. I wanted to take some photos of her outside, but we’ve had pretty bad weather so the best I could do was photograph her by the window. At least the overcast skies are perfect for that Ellowyne temperament.

From Loren–  My pretty Saige. She had fun doing a fashion photo shot for my blog, happyhouseofag.wordpress.com. I took this picture for Doll Diaries.

From Tony – Jane spent Saturday in the park painting a picture to give to her mother for Mother’s Day. We wish Char and all the mother’s on Doll Diaries a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Samantha and Kit are excited to show off their new dresses from dollcloset.com! From Stephanie J.

From Heather – Henriette, Megan, and Molly are ready for rain! They can’t wait to go outside and splash in the puddles! I just discovered Henriette’s outfit at WalMart this week!

Happy Sunday everyone! From Cassie

From Jackson – My new Julie doll just got here and she is beautiful. Lily is a little jealous but  has anyone noticed you can see a LOT of wig cap when you lift a piece of hair? Or is it just my particular doll?

Hello! During a recent heat wave (85 on Thursday), I went outside and took a few pictures! This was my favorite, but if you’d like to see them all I’m on Instagram @chestnut.street . I used the zooming lens for these pictures, and got my first bokeh in there =) I had a lot of fun and I’m sure Sallie-Mae did too. From Juliet

From Agnieszka – Malvina (Capucine, Corolle) went on a trip to Olkusz, a town in the south of Poland. She liked it a lot and posed for you in front of a medieval tower.

From Blair – To enjoy the beautiful weather, Mackenzy decided to teach Kit how to ride a horse.

From Linda – Nikki  is busy ironing on the the iron ons from Doll Diaries Esty shop.  Pretty soon, all the girls will have their shirts ready for Camp Doll Diaries!  Can’t wait!!!!!!

My Julie had soccer tryouts Tuesday! You can see part one of the tryouts here. From Kitty & Julie

From Rachel E. – Kaitlyn is ready for her pink carpet debut in a dress I made for her out of a knee high sock and ribbons. Doesn’t she look elegant?
From Bethany – I recently made a Japanese meal for my Barbies. Here is Mulan partaking of some delish sushi!

Here is my picture for Sunday Showcase.  This my boy doll Jerry, who will be in the Trailblazers cabin at Camp Doll Diaries.  He is technically a porcelain display doll, but he is a play doll for my doll family, because he was a very special gift.  Jerry will also be helping out in the camp store. From Molly W.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Sophie (in a Barbie dress), Avery also in pink, Hedgie, Nahji and Westley are members of team BLUE voting to choose either Westley or Sophie as team leader.  The Evi dolls are assisting this team with voting. Some team members are still traveling and have cast their votes electronically!  Inspired by 7 May general elections in South Africa.

From Caroline – My dolls are taking a family picture in the family room. They were all watching tv and playing on there blankets.

From Beth Ann – Hi! I blog over at Thoughts of A Long Winded Lady. I recently bought two Obitsu dolls, which are a brand of Japanese dolls. Their articulation is great, and they are very customize-able. They are both female dolls, even though Obitsu carries male dolls. I chose their eyes, wigs, among other things. However, I am having trouble naming them. I have a possible name for the blondie, it is IIlea.  I am hosting a contest for naming them. The prize is undetermined as of yet, so if anyone over here has any good names or contest prizes, please tell me in the comments. Thanks!

From Lena B – The baby’s wanted to play with the new baby Libby. Libby is the one In the front with the dark pink pajamas. The other one is her twin sister Maggie. They are having milk and playing with their blocks. One ones In the back are holding there favorite books. The one with the blonde hair is named Stephanie and chose two books.

From Keely – Lanie picks a flower from the garden.

From Julia F – Here is my new doll Amie. She is about 4 1/4 inches tall, and I just rescued her. Does anyone know what brand she is?

Pine Valley Girls Club is continuing  their preparations for Camp Doll Diaries. This week they made a cute tote bag using the Doll Diaries tutorial! It is the perfect size to hold the sleeping bag they made last week!

I made a photo-story about Cecile starting her piano lesson!  From Hannah/AGDTime

From Doll Pizzazz – Some of the girls are having a party with their new Sophia’s treats that were recently on Zulily. They’re so realistic and ADORABLE!!

A closer look at the treats from MyDollsLife.com.

From Cordelia – The dolls were doing a little closet swapping this week. Rose helped Marisa put together an outfit, combining OG and Maplelea fashions, that Marisa plans to wear when she goes shopping for a few items she’ll need for Camp Doll Diaries.

From Sharry – Happy Mother’s Day DD readers! Here is my boy (doll) Danny in the park, (AG park scene), playing ball w/ his dog. Muttley (AG Toasty retired). Shirt from Etsy seller Miniparrel. Oh, and Danny says to tell Molly W’s boy Jerry hello! Have a great day everyone!

From DipperLovesSaige – I made custom dolls of Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen. They look so cute!

From Madison – how do you like my girls’ cabins? They are in a closet.

From Tara – Isabelle, Marie grace, and Rebecca discussed who to add to our gang! Caroline or Kit?

From:Dir3ction3r.   Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!! Elizabeth and Saige as modern Elsa and Anna!!

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