Good morning doll fans! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We are super busy with the opening weekend of Seussical – Natalie is in a local production and the costumes are so much fun – and what talented kids!! Anyhow, let’s take a look at what your dolls were up to this week before we head out for today’s performance.

From Fawn – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

From Kristen L.- I guess my dolls love Rilakkuma too! In this picture, Saige is holding Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma plushes, Grace is holding a desert Korilakkuma, Rilakkuma card from Echo, on top of the Korilakkuma storage (with AGP Hawaii T-Shirt) is Disney Mini Tsum Tsum Fairy Godmother, Grace’s Welcome Bouquet, and Kanani is wearing a Rilakkuma backpack. 

From Erin – An Australian AG Fan – I am very excited to say that now, as of 2 weeks ago, I have all 5 of the Australian Girl Dolls! It all started in April 2010 (when I was 10) when I got my Matilda, and finished 2 weeks ago with my Marcia (pronounced Mah-see-ah), who I got with a voucher that I had won. ?Marcia (more commonly known as Emily) is named after an amazing lady called Marcia Mikhael, who is one of the 16 survivors in the recent Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege. Marcia is an incredible, strong and beautiful woman and I hope that by naming my doll after her, the same strength will be passed down to Doll-Marcia! From left to right: Celia (2014), Marcia (2015), Matilda (2010), Amy (2012) and Jasmine (2011)

From Peace & Phoebe – We also made this dress with our friend, and it turned out so cute!

From Rachel D. – Felicity tried working out this week. See what happened here:

My doll Genevieve (Grace GOTY 2015) decided she wanted to be the new cover of our YouTube channel so this past week I took a natural picture of her for your YouTube 😀 It was a lot of fun! –MagicWaffleStudios

From Sharry – Happy Sunday, DD friends! Last Saturday, Julie and her friends went to the movies to see “The Revenge of Dr. E. ” in 3-D! They’re munching on popcorn, eating candy bars, and drinking soda while enjoying this epic adventure. Top Row (L-R): Jason, Danny, Raychel, and Susan. Bottom Row (L-R) Cheryl and Julie. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Dell is proud of the snowman she has made (with a little help of me and my friend). From Agnieszka.

From Cordelia – Marisa was happy to wear such wonderful snowshoes for her snowy trek into town to replenish her chocolate supply!

From Linda – Saige and Julie just had to buy snacks at the concession stand before going in to see the latest 3D movie!

From Carrie – I blogged about the Easter baskets:

From Chloe – Trixie and Bindi had fun in the snow while it lasted. Trixie was set on making a huge snowman, while Bindi covered the yard in snow angels. We enjoyed the snow, but its nice to have warm weather again.

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