If March is supposed to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb” why am I hearing the wind gust through the trees and the raindrops hit my window panes? Well, I guess its better than snow!

This looks like it is going to be another awesome Sunday Showcase – let’s see what your dolls have been up to this week!

This week, the girls from Doll Page went to a Camp Doll Diaries Try It Week! It was so much fun! Here they taking a group photo. They had a Talent Show, Cabins, and we even went back to the Laura Kelly Designs Color Pages Craft for them! –Kitty & Puppy from dollpage.blogspot.com

From Rachael – It’s been a rainy weekend, so the girls decided that they would stay in and read a few good books!

My new Kaya looks lovely in Isabelle’s metallic dress! From TheCuddlyCrab

From Snickerdoodle – Molly says hi to all the Doll Diaries community from Lisbon, Portugal.

From Tony – Jane is so happy that Spring is finally here. She’s meeting her friends at the park to fly kites.

From Janet – Here is more clothing that my mother and I made for my Ellowyne dolls.  I made the dress and my mother made the T-shirts and shorts.

From Heather H. – I received the Pippaloo Girl Scout cookies I won and the dolls are so excited they all gathered around to thank Doll Diaries and Pippaloo for the delicious gift! Lindsey and Felicity think the cookies taste great!

From Molly W. – I made one version of Liberty Jane’s Maxi Dress Pattern (the one that was offered for free on Friday), being modeled by Samantha. I used the one piece top and straight skirt. I had planned to knot the sleeves, but I completely forgot, and it looks pretty cute without it in my opinion. The pattern was quite easy to follow, and I would completely recommend it, the only reservation being that nowhere did it tell me to hem the bottom (possibly assuming that I wouldn’t need to when using a knit fabric). This wasn’t a problem for me though–I just hemmed it anyways.  Also, I put a snap in the back instead of using velcro.

From Jessica-Melody and her doll modelling their new matching dresses. Do you like them? Thanks for helping me choose a name for her doll last week. Melody chose Anna Roselle. It was going to be just “Roselle”, but she already had a baby doll named Rosie!

From Cindy – Nicki  in Felicity’s meet dress with an American Girl bear.

From DipperLovesSaige – Madeline and Frankie is Pet- Sitting Ryan’s new dog. They love petting him!

From AGLover2468 – My school put on the play Wizard of Oz Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was AWESOME! My brother played the Wizard and did an AWESOME job. I decided to dress my dolls up as the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Wizard, Dorothy, and Wicked Witch of the West.

From Kylie – The cold never bothered me anyway -Frozen

From JLJ – On Friday night, this is how Matilda’s modern-day descendant looked up until the last two minutes of the NCAA Kentucky vs. Louisville game. Will she look like this again tonight during the Kentucky vs. Michigan game?

Pine Valley Girls Club recently visited the American Girl store and met Basilmentos! They were super excited to meet her, as she is very famous on AGTube. Marie-Grace, McKenna, Saila, and Taryn were lucky enough to pose for a photo with Basilmentos’ doll Eva.

Hello and my name is Carys F. and I LOVE American Girl dolls. I also LOVE Doll Diaries and I am sooooo excited for this years Camp Doll Diaries! This a a photo of my AG doll Alex. (MAG 46). Thanks!

From Lena B – I got these hairstyle ideas from Dolldiaries and decided to do some and make up my own I did a lot more but I picked my three favorites.

From Shelby Grace – Mai is a contestant on the American “Idoll”!  The judges (from left to right) are the dollworld renowned judges, Andrea, Josie and Kit as they score Mai’s performance before Genevieve (standing in the wings to the left of Mai) waits to go on. Genevieve is a little nervous after hearing Mai’s great rendition of the Disney movie, Frozen’s song, Let It Go, because she plans on singing a song from Frozen also. What song from Frozen do you think Genevieve chose? Who do you think will win?  (For those of you interested in what Just Like You number these dolls are, Mai is a JLY #4, Andrea is a #19 and Josie is a #27. Kit is a historical character.)

From Isabella – Isabelle is at baking club . There making lemon cupcakes with flowers of icing to welcome spring.

Rahel is feeding her chickens. Hope you had a great week. From Meg_DollFanInAfrica

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