Good morning! We are off to see the JLNV presentation of an American Girl Fashion Show this morning and we can’t wait to meet the winners of our ticket giveaway (the original winner Molly couldn’t make it, but our runner up winner Jana and her daughter can!), have tea and see the fashion show. I will try to post some photos from the event on Instagram and Facebook and will do a wrap up post here tomorrow.

Now let’s take a look at what your dolls did this week – I just LOVE all the different dolls that we get to enjoy this week.

From Lena B. – This is a picture of five of my dolls dressing up as my favorite Disney characters. Starting on the left is Julie as Rapunzel, then Felicity as Jessie, the next one is Jess as Vanellopie, after that is Nicki as Ana, and the last one is Caroline as Elsa.

From JLJ – Tiny Amelia Thimble arrived this week, so Patience went over to Amelia’s new room to welcome her to our home. She had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud, though, when Amelia pulled out a chair and sweetly invited her to sit down and join her for dessert.

My name is Julia P. and I live in France. This is the photo of my doll called Charlotte, this photo is to celebrate the arrival of spring here in France. A hug!

From Sharry – Happy Sunday, DD readers! Apparently Stephanie (AGOT #19) thought that just because I let her be the first one to wear the new “Charlie’s Angels” shirt, (from Etsy shop LostinaJungle), that it was OK for her to climb up to the shelf w/ my celebrity dolls, and take my “Kelly Garrett” doll, (as portrayed by Jaclyn Smith). Well, I guess I’ll forgive her. They do look awfully cute, don’t they?

From Abigail: Kit wanted to show the Doll Diaires readers her new dress! I got the dress at the local Amish craft store. Kit loves dressing up as a princess, so this dress is perfect for her!!

From Loren – Isabelle took Coconut on a walk. Coconut has a new leash that I made on my Rainbow Loom.

From Elizabeth – Laura (Kidz n Cats) is excited because the snow in melting! Next on her to-do list, go maple syrup tapping!

From Gran of 4 – Amelia, Bethany, Elizabeth, Anne and Samantha were all dressed up Saturday by my daughter and granddaughter. They went to a tea room together. (Anne is my daughter’s 18″ Kitty Collier doll.)

From Gran of 4 – Here is a view of the tearoom set up by my daughter and two oldest grands. The four of us all had fun playing tearoom together with our dolls.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are spending a relaxing afternoon in their parlour putting together jigsaw puzzles.

My new American Girl doll, Mai Estelle, a Just Like You #4, arrived today! She decided to check out our backyard and have her picture taken. She has a great face and she’s so photogenic. Enjoy the collage! From~Shelby-Grace.

From Jessica-Melody got a new doll today! I bought her for $2 at the market. She is from Sweden. I think Cecile is a little jealous! Do you have any name ideas for Melody’s new doll?

From Janet – My mother and I have been making clothing for my Elllowynes recently. She made the shirts and I made the skirt, jeans, and dress. Everything but the dress was made from Tyler Wentworth patterns.

From Kela  – I have this Snow White outfit for 18 inch dolls I had gotten at a local doll outfitter.

Carrie at the beach climbing on the dock! Submitted by Shannon

From Grace – While clearing out my room I found these tiny travel Littlest Pet Shop sets. I think Matilda looks super cute playing with them.

From Madelon – Elle dances a jig in a costume borrowed from a porcelain doll.

From Eileen – Mary, my thrift store find over the summer, (she is a Madame Alexander doll) went ice skating yesterday. She decided that she better do it now, because all the snow and ice here in Michigan will hopefully be gone by next weekend. I had lots of fun taking photos of her having fun practicing her routine.

From Paris – Looks like Brooke is like Trish from Austin & Ally because she opened a sweet stand called “Brooke’s Sweet Retreat” she is not working what so ever Bella is doing all the work!

From Caroline – My doll Emily had her birthday on March 19,2014 she had an amazing time. In the picture she has all her friends around her while she opens her present. She got Elisabeth the mini doll and a blanket for the doll. The dolls at the party are starting at the top left corner. Dylan, Kit, Madeline, Chrissa, Caroline, Molly, Emily, Isabel, Niki, Madison, Kylie, Josifina, Sara and on the bottom starting on the left hand corner is Olivia, Sophie, Claire, Tommy, Clementina, Grace, and August. I can not wait for my next doll to have her birthday I think it is Kit.

From Heather H – A number of months ago Char posted a review of Nicky Epstien’s “Knits for Dolls” book. I finally bought it and started knitting away! Kirsten’s modeling the “ruffles and roses” pattern I made.

Lilly and Lindsey have a meeting with Sophia to tell her how to take care of her new pet sock monkey. They tell her about a sock monkey’s behavior,social skills, and what they should and shouldn’t eat. From~ Sophia

Here is Saige getting ready for camp doll diaries 2014! From Bella.

Al E Kat, my seal and Garfield are reading as it was library week. I was also inspired by the AG pets.Thanks, Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Niki – These are my American Girl dolls. Top row: Julie, Ruthie, Isabelle. Middle row: Brandy and Kit. Bottom row: Madame Alexander doll Dina!

I know I have said this before, but this might just be one of my favorite Sunday Showcase posts to date! Thanks to all who sent in photos!

Remember the theme for Throwback Thursday this week is  retired American Girl of TODAY (Just Like You, MyAG) bedroom furniture and room accessories. If you have photos of retired American Girl doll beds, bedding, side tables, other bedroom furniture and accessories, send them in. We are not looking for retired Historical or Girl of the Year collections. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK ROOM in the subject line of your email to me at

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