Did you know that Sunday Showcase is the most popular post on Doll Diaries week after week? It makes me so happy that each week we can bring together doll enthusiasts of all ages from across the world and spotlight creativity, play and of course, dolls! We have an exceptional group of photos this morning… enjoy!

From sisters Lily, Cora & Eva: The girls at the Hoppin’ Grill are very busy today serving all their customers. Kate runs the cash register and calls out the orders. Kit does the cooking and Elizabeth takes the orders and delivers the food. The year is 1955.

From Kristen L.– Grace wanted to dress up as Elsa, so I finally took “Queen Grace” out for a photo shoot!

From Agnieszka – Dell celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by performing Irish dance for her friends. On the left hand side you can see our Teddy Bear’s paw. He was responsible for the music and was supposed not to be seen behind the curtains. But… well, he is a good boy, only a little clumsy sometimes.

From JGKelsey – The snow is melting and the fresh spring air is warming up.  But before the snow is completely gone Savannah (a Maru and Friends doll) want out for one last dose of winter.  This sweater outfit is just perfect for her as the temperatures reach into the low 50s!  Savannah is hoping for an early spring!

From Beth – Zia is glad that spring is here!

From Cordelia – Even though the calendar says spring has arrived in our part of the world, Marisa is taking advantage of the remaining snow to have fun on her toboggan. The toboggan is one of my all-time favourite doll accessories, probably because it’s a mini-sized replica of the one that I sped down hills on when I was a child!

From Sharry – Julie twisted her ankle in gym class last week. She’s OK now, but she had to stay off her feet for an entire weekend, while keeping her ankle iced and elevated. To read about what happened, check out my blog post:

From Fawn – Look at what Josey got for her birthday.  Mariachi is a form of folk music from Josey’s ancestral home of Mexico. Ever since she learned of Mariachi Divas, a Grammy Award winning all-female mariachi band, she has dreamed of learning to play the guitar.   The Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea is an all-female mariachi band based in Los Angeles, CA. The band was founded in 1999 by Cindy Shea. In 2009, they became the first all-female mariachi band ever to be nominated for a Grammy Award, and the first to win one. As of 2014, the band has been nominated for five Grammy awards, winning twice. They are the official mariachi band of the Disneyland resort.

From Tea Time with Melody Q – Melody went outside looking for sunshine and daffodils; she found snow instead – 3 inches of snow!

From Melangell –  Getting ready for Camp Doll Diaries.  I made up 10 tee shirts in 4 different doll sizes.  My Makie Chestnut is modeling hers (made from a Liberty Jane Barbie tee shirt pattern).

From DanceDayz – Elizabeth and Felicity are longing for Spring.

From Wendy – It’s a hostile takeover!! LOL!

From Peace –  Saige has been hard at work gardening – oh look, a daisy!

From Clara – Meet my custom Our Generation doll, Mary Lynn! She looks like she is having fun on the playground! To see more pictures, go to my blog here.

From Saskia – This week I did a photoshoot with Mia. To see more pictures visit my blog Craftfun and more

From Ashley – I took some pictures of Piper and Layla my Madame Alexander dolls. Piper’s wearing her new pajamas and shes playing with her Barbies and Flutter Bye Fairy. Layla’s petting her cat Tutu and relaxing in her chair. She is also wearing her new shirt and pants. I only have a iPod camera so they may not come out as good.

From Maria – Julie is sunbathing in her beach chair wearing her latest swimsuit ensemble!  View the whole photo story, “Fashion With Felicity” here: http://agatticgirls.blogspot.com

From Sarah – My newest doll Hope is hanging up snowflakes in her new room to keep in line with the Elsa/Frozen theme.  She loves Elsa!

From Kaf Frum – Kaffrum with Josefina and Mariana (Kaya), went to the Newcastle and Hunter Doll Lovers Society annual Doll fair on Saturday (Australia). It has been running for 33 years. One of the stall holders, Margaret from Betty Chloe Dolls, was being helped by Kailey (American Girl of the Year 2003), and we got to chatting. Margaret makes all the dolls clothes herself, and they are beautiful, and can sell them separately or with one of the dolls she puts together. Her dolls are similar to American Girl dolls. Betty Chloe dolls are on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Betty-Chloe-Dolls/1390339911210560 There are more pictures of Josefina and Mariana’s morning on Kaffrums blog alittledollwilldoit.blogspot.com.au.

From Ms AGDoll – Here is my Rapunzel doll that I found at a consignment sale. Isn’t she pretty?

From Camille –  I “redecorated” my dolls house and wanted to show you it.

A big thank you to all our friends who sent in photos this week – they are beautiful!!

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