Good morning!  It looks like another week of fun and adventures for your dolls! Let’s take a look.

From Julia L – Who’s the little hoot up in that tree? It’s Patience with Wilde Imagination, of course.

From Agnieszka – I have taken this photo so that you can compare the three types of dolls. Standing from left to right are: Valeria (Sabine, Kidz’n’Cats), Antonia (My American Girl#49) and Zofia (Soy Tu, Paola Reina). I hope you enjoy the three girls together.

From Becky W – This is a photo of 5 Littlest Pet Shop Dolls that I Steampunked. 

Pine Valley Girls Club’s Marie-Grace put on her prettiest dress and went out for a picnic today. She took her Calico Critter bunny with her too, just for company.

From Abigail: I took McKenna out for a photoshoot. Here is one of the pictures that I took.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are very excited about new residents in their parlour—two pet birds that they found abandoned and shivering in the snow. They have named the birds Ruby and Sapphire and plan to take very good care of them. I found the birdcage on sale at Michael’s, the birds were part of a floral display, the perch is part of a paintbrush left over after I cut it down to doll size and the swing is a key chain.

From Josette – The American Girl inspired caked I made for my daughter’s 7th birthday.

From Blaire & Cornelia – Samantha Parkington has recently announced that she will be returning to the dollosphere. She is going to making her entrance as a socialite and was kind enough to ask myself to take her “debut” photograph. We had an inspiring afternoon photo shoot, and this is one of my favorite portraits of her.

From Tony – Jane and Cecelia are having fun at the Mardi Gras party.

From Elizabeth – Camille is hoping for spring to come soon! 

From Sophie T – On this beautiful but cold day, Dell wanted to go play in the snow with her new winter outfit (knitting pattern by Jacqueline Gibbs “jacknitss”, available on Ravelry)… but she forgot to put on her mitts!

From Lena B – this is a picture of Caroline (on the right) and Isabelle (on the left) baking cupcakes for their sister Julie’s birthday party.

From Katie M – This is Rebecca joyfully reading a letter from her long lost uncle. Her uncle sends love and news of his return in two months! Rebecca is so excited to meet her relative – he is her only relation left. She looks forward to celebrating the Sabbaths to come with Uncle Moyshe! Happy Sunday everyone!!

From Julia F – ” Isabelle, Saige, just what are you doing?” Samantha scolded. They replied in unison “Just hanging out!”

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Rahel is looking for her bunny so that she can feed him. Avery is admiring the chair that Nahji decorated and is holding Bunny. My dolls look forward to egg hunting.

From Willow – I have never done this before so here you go. I’m Willow from Two sisters blog. Ahh, what a nice fire!

From Kristen L.- Ivy is getting ready to practice her violin.

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