Good morning to the Doll Diaries community! What adventures have your dolls  had this week?

From Kristen L.– Kanani is ready for St.Patrick’s Day! She made sure she wore green so she won’t get pinched!

From Beth – Anne went to Girl Scout camp for Spring Break. She loved hiking at Kamp Kiwani and riding horses at Sandy Springs Ranch. She also got all muddy in the gully, but she won’t let me take any pictures of that.

From Abigail: I took Violet (aka Marisol) out for a photo shoot. I think she’s so photogenic!

From Sophie – After the snowstorm, the sun came out again.  It was cold, but Tipi (Hearts for Hearts) dressed up with warm clothes and went playing in the snow with her dog.  Doesn’t she look like a beautiful Inuit girl in this outfit (pattern by Jacknitss on Ravelry)?

From Kylie – Diana went to Washington DC. We saw George  Washington’s memorial.

From Lena B. – Since it is such a nice day kit and Ruthie decided to go in the tree house. Kit is playing with her Emily doll and Ruthie is reading her book.

From Tony – Jane and Cecelia wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day, don’t get pinched! ; ) They are enjoying refreshments at the party.

Emily was trying to be a butterfly – from Isabella.

From Snickerdoodle – Emily, Molly and Mc Kenna. Best friends forever.

Anne’s Frozen inspired outfit.

Evi and her friend the bunny are visiting her Gran. They wish the stone cat had a name. From Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Cordelia – Marisa, dressed in the outfit she won in a Doll Diaries contest ( with OG boots instead of the accompanying skates), is having great fun sliding down the huge snow covered hill outside her cabin. The idea for using a frisbee as a doll sled came from a Doll Diaries contributor, but I’m sorry that I can’t remember the name. However, Marisa and I both extend thanks for the idea. Marisa loves her Flying Saucer!

From Tara – Marie Grace plays with her doll, Felicity, on her special day.

Lilly (MAG#27) and Lindsey (GOTY 2001) enjoy taking their stuffed Yeti and Bigfoot on adventures. They are discovering the snowy forest. From~ Sophia

Did you celebrate Pi day on 3.14? Madelon’s sweetie Pi reaches for a bite of cherry Pi(e). 

Hi! It’s Saige, Katie M’s doll! I’m so excited to be in the Sunday Showcase!  I wanted to show you gals what I’m going to wear for Easter! I think my outfit is soo pretty! It is one of our Kohl’s 18″ brand dresses and Kit let me borrow her adorable hat that came with her accessories set! (Thanks Kit:) So, yeah, let me know what you think! And also, are your doll’s Easter outfits planned yet? What are they going to wear? Oh no! I just noticed, there’s a photobomb by Samantha, Marie Grace’s doll! She is totally hyper since Sam is coming back in the fall! (She may be adopted by us!!) Anyway, happy Sunday!! Bye!!
Saige (with the help of Katie M) <3

Remember the theme for Throwback Thursday this week is Josefina and her collection – it doesn’t have to be retired though since she has a smaller collection than most.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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