Good morning! It has been a busy past few weeks and we are heading out for the 8th and final performance for Seussical. Natalie has had so much fun with this show but let me tell you, this mom is exhausted! I look forward to having more time for doll photography and crafting now that this show is done. Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this week! Let’s take a look at your doll adventures.

From Beth – Kirsten is wishing that spring would come!

From Wendy – Getting the gardening tools out! Spring is coming!

From Fawn – Just days ago we had 8″ of snow. Today feels like spring. It’s the perfect day for Kevin to take his Christmas present for a spin. Barkley is afraid of this strange thing that is chasing him and begs Brynn to pick him up. Silly dog!

From Sue & Sarah – In Honor of the 43rd Iditarod Sled Dog Race, 2015. On our way to NOME, ALASKA. No time to stop and make snow angels, we’re in a race !  Wish me luck!

From Rachel – Samantha had a great photo shoot this week with St. Patrick’s day coming up! See all the photos here:

From Kathy – Here is Caroline pretending she is Cinderella rushing home after the ball!

From Madelon – Our Generation doll celebrates Super Pi Day yesterday by using her Journey Girl kitchen to bake a pie on 3,14,15 at 9:26.

From Kristen L.– Kanani, Saige, and Molly wanted to celebrate Ultimate Pi Day, where most of the digits of pi (3.141592653) are today’s (Saturday’s) date and time (March 14, 2015, 9:26 AM 53 seconds).

From DanceDayz – Here is Felicity wearing her Green dress with Irish Linen Apron. It has hand embroidered Shamrocks across the bottom.

From Linda R – McKenna and Nikki(Just Like You Doll, P9-G0455) took a trip to the country and are having a great time feeding the chickens!!!! McKenna is wearing My Life As…boots. Hat, coveralls and shirt from Hobby Lobby. Nikki is wearing homemade coveralls made for a Raggedy Andy Doll, Saige’s boots and I believe a shirt from my Texas Girl doll. Background is American Girl Retired Scenes and Settings for Samantha.

From Dolls and Ponies— Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! From Mae Francis and the Dolls and Ponies crew.  We hope everyone who wishes will feel Irish for the Day!!! 

From Peace – Rebecca enjoying a foggy morning.

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