March is definitely following the old saying of coming in like a lion! I can guarantee we are going nowhere today – ice, ice and more ice – YUCK. But, that means we can spend all day being creative, catching up on doll posts and having some great family time.

First, let’s take a look at what everyone’s dolls did this week!

From Melangell.  My Makie Doll Chestnut and I decided to battle the cold and snow by going to the local botanic garden.  She is enjoying a small cactus garden.

From JGKelsey – There is nothing better than a weekend road trip!  Kelsey took a short trip to the Windy City; Chicago.  She packed her bags, waves good-bye, straps into her seat, and took in the scenery as we drove through beautiful country side to Chicago.  Kelsey didn’t waste anytime getting out to see the sights.  She went to Navy Pier, Miracle Mile, the Art Institute, the Museum of Science and Industry,but her favorite place was Millennium Park.  She loved the “Bean”.  What a goofy thing, but so neat.  It reflected the whole city!  Kelsey had a lot of fun in Chicago…but it lived up to it’s name with -20 degree wind chills one of the days! Good thing she’s bundled up!

From Kristen L.– Mini Grace decides to explore! She is currently in a cherry blossom tree.

From Fawn – Jaclynn loves birds.  With a snow storm fast approaching, she makes sure the feeder has plenty of bird seed.  Then she heads inside to watch them from the picture window. Sparrows, tufted titmice, finches, chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches and Carolina wrens all enjoy the safflower seeds.  Why safflower?  Because the squirrels don’t like them. One of her favorite things to do beginning in February is to watch on her computer the live eagle cam at the National Conservation Training Center .  A pair of eagles has laid three eggs which are due to hatch in late March.  If you’d like to watch them, too, and learn more about eagles go to

Hazel was the winner of our Grace Debuts Souvenirs and she was kind enough to send in photos and share them on her blog, too, at

From Camille – These are my dolls I put them in my dollhouse this is the first time that I have tried to flash photo shoot my dolls  in my dollhouse.  I think that the pictures turned out great! I think that my monster high dolls are very very photogenic.

From Anna – Isabelle enjoyed pretending to be Elsa this week.

From Wendy – Keep calm and Rock on!

From Rachel D – Rebecca had a bit of an awkward moment this week. Come see the full video here: .

From Elly – I entered the DW fashion design challenge! please vote for it by commenting “I vote for entry 8” check it out HERE

From Kathleen of I entered the DW FDC, and I would love if you would vote for me. My entry is an Elsa Inspired Skating Dress. You can vote for me here:

From Chloe – Me and my sister did some hair styles on 3 of our dolls: Sydney Lee, the doll with brown hair and a pink dress, Trixie, the red haired doll with a watch, she has hair curlers and Bindi, in the pink knitted jacket.

From Linda R – Saige, McKenna, Samantha, Kirsten and Nikki, enjoying Valentine treats.

From Dolls and Ponies— My Daughters took their dollies Addy and Josefina on a Camping trip before the big Snow!!  They Hiked, they climbed, they built fires and roasted marshmallows. Highlights of the trip are here.

From Sharry – This past Friday, we lost a beloved, truly iconic figure in pop culture, Leonard Nimoy. He was best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the 1960s series, Star Trek. As a Star Trek fan, I am deeply saddened by this loss, so in tribute, here’s a picture of my Spock toys. Mr. Nimoy lived long, he prospered, and now he is truly soaring among the stars.

Stay warm!!

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