Good morning everyone!! I hope you are  having a great weekend. Let’s take a look at what the dolls did all week.

From Beth – Anne is ready for summer! She loves all the beautiful flowers!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have arrived with their luggage and are registering for Camp Doll Diaries. Both dolls are so excited to begin a summer of fun!

From Shelby-Grace: Here is my doll Genevieve modeling the new outfit I made for The Doll Wardrobe’s Spring Fashion Contest! Genevieve and I’d love it if you vote for our outfit.

From Bella – Emma Claire can not wait for Camp Doll Diaries!

Meet my new gorgeous Madame Alexander doll whom I have dubbed  “Claire” and her dog “Dante” as they cozy up together! –Brittney C

From Joanna – In this picture, Mandy and Ruthie are doing some summer reading. They are reading “On the Banks of Plum Creek” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and are wearing dresses and sunbonnets sold at the gift shop of the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, which my daughter and I visited last summer. They are barefoot like Mary and Laura would have been in summer.  

From Snikerdoodle – This is my CDD camp, Molly is the counselor. The top bunk is Molly’s the one under that is Emily’s and the one under that is McKenna’s. They are all at the registration table.

From Polka Dot Bee – Marie Grace enjoying a frozen chocolate dipped banana.

From Linda G. – Sweet Sue decided to take her bike to camp. She hopes that some of the trails are hard packed and not muddy.

From Sophie T – This morning, Tess went out in her new dress (a knitting pattern by Debonair Desings called Anyah, available on Ravelry or Craftsy, was used) to pick up some Lily-of-the-Valley, and she walked around the flower beds, enjoying the flowers that are finally starting to bloom.  She was so pretty in the morning sun!

From Caroline – This is a photo of Caroline when I first got her.

From Lena – Megan is enjoying this beautiful spring day in her sundress.

Who’s having a great Sunday? Follow me on Instagram (@ag_roses) for more doll photography! From Cassie

Kittywink is having a picnic on the lush green grass. She wishes she had been nearer the trees and not the concrete wall! From Meg_DollFanInAfrica

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PS – Today is Kirsten’s birthday. If you want to send in photos of her celebrating please email them to me at by 3 pm EST.