Another week has flown by and it is time to take a look at what our readers and the dolls have been up to!

From Ella – a picture from when I went camping a last week.

From Eva M. “Sisters Kit and Mia at the Campfire waiting for S’mores” – Granddaughter (6 years) and I made the backdrop with a white cardboard, presentation board and pastels. Sealed it with a spray fixative. She set up the scene and took the photo.  Campfire directions are found at Husband made the log benches to look like those that were part of the original AG Kirsten school set.  Mia’s outfit was a baby layette for dolls made by Carter’s. Sold at Christmas, 2008. Looks like the regular Carter’s baby line of clothes. Very sweet.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) and Elizabeth (JLY #7) had fun performing in the Camp Doll Diaries talent show last week. Jane did a hula dance while Elizabeth played the harp.

From TracyAnn – Aunt Vyky is our camp leader playing guitar .. Carlyee in red .. Taryn in black and Emi in blue .. we were on the ocean for a week.

From Katie – My dolls are all ready for Camp Doll Diaries.

From Aileen – These are my Madame Alexander dolls. I just love their faces. Lexi on the left is a Favorite Friends doll and I just got Miley on the right who is a My Life doll from Walmart. I dressed them up in Springfield clothes.

From Jan – My Our Generation doll enjoying a sunny afternoon.

From Sophie T. – This week, Felicity and Elizabeth had Saige’s visit.  They wanted to show her Camp Doll Diaries.  They had a great time together, especially when they played fashion show on the runway with a spotlight!  They had a blast selecting outfits for each season, and here’s what they picked as summer outfits! (Felicity is wearing the Ally dress, a pattern by Cooda’s corner; Elizabeth is wearing a Springfield doll outfit; Saige is wearing a skirt by Our Generation and a top made from Liberty Jane’s free tank top pattern).

From CandyCorn – Here is a picture of Nahji and her indian runner duck she made on the potter’s wheel!

From Elly – This is the movie premiere surprise party for Saige! We are going to see her movie on June 28th which is on friday! When this is shown it will have already passed, so I am going to say that it was great even though I have not seen it yet because I think it will be great!

From Ava – Good golly Miss Molly. I got her last week, just in time.

From  Iloveag – A few weeks ago I received my Doll Diaries shirt from the May photo contest. (Thank you SO MUCH!) and Saige was the first to run and put it on.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose had a wonderful time taking part in the fun art activities this week at Camp Doll Diaries. In this picture, Katherine is in the camp arts and crafts hut, putting the finishing touches on a painting. She has hung up her first two efforts to dry before putting them up on their cabin wall. Rose is showing Katherine the autograph book that she made for her. Rose had earlier made one for herself and the first autograph in her book is the one sent by Julie, via Sharry of the Doll Diaries Community.

From Agnieszka – Dell on holidays, enjoying a quiet evening in the countryside.

From Elly – I went to the movies with my friend Ariana and cousin Sabrina and we all got matching outfits (the current purchase with a purchase ). L-R: Marie Grace, Emily, Saige (my cousins Saige).

From Stephanie J – My dolls: Kaitlyn, Isabella, Ariana, Zoey, and Kit, and mom’s dolls: Molly and Emily. are all ready for the 4th of July in their patriotic dresses!

From Natalie D – Going to the Beach.

From Shannon.

From Madelon – Our Mini heads to Camp Doll Diaries. She even brought a hat to keep the bees away.

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