Where is the Camp Memories post? It will show up later today – I had planned on posting it yesterday but the weather was so nice and our little town did its fireworks celebration yesterday that we decided to stop what we were doing around the house and head out to the fireworks. It was a beautiful night, we sat with our friends, listened to bands, watched the fireworks and had a great time. A perfect way to finish up the week.

Now on to what your dolls have been up to all week!

From Cordelia – Rose has gone for a walk in the park with her puppy and is very happy to meet her friend, Marisa. It looks as if her puppy is also happy to see Marisa! Meanwhile, Katherine is preparing a surprise for Rose— a mini camp for their dolls! (see the memory board for week three for a photo of this).

From Melangell – This is my A Girl for all Time Matilda wearing her ballgown also from A Girl for all Time.  My husband got it for me for my birthday when he was in London a couple of months ago.  I love how the cute mask is molded to fit her face!

From Cora: Elizabeth’s all ready for bed. She’s staying overnight at Grandma’s house.

From Rachael –  The girls decided to do some major baking this week and they wanted to send in a photo! Kirsten, Addy, Molly, and Josefina are doing all of the work while Felicity, Elizabeth, and Kit enjoy the treats and look at the latest AG release on their laptop! 

From Tony – Jane is taking her pet lamb, Posie, for a walk in the park. She’s wearing the new outfit she got for her birthday, June 24. The dress is from eBay and the hat is Marie-Grace’s that I re-worked a little.


From Bethany M – I recently made a superhero outfit for my doll, Kit. You can’t see all of it here, but I liked the picture. Kit is stopping a thief from stealing the diamond crown, the jewel of the museum. For a video about this, go to my YouTube channel.

From Kaf Frum – For 18″ doll fans in Australia, if you have not found them already Kmart has started selling the Our Generation line (yay). Journey Girls are in Toys R Us. Shannon went shopping this week, and now has the OG laptop and 2 new outfits. Winter has suddenly arrived so she might try the outfits on in front of the fire.

From Georgia – Jess riding her scooter.

From Cassie – Thursday was the last day of school, at least for me! That means more time for sewing and doll crafts, yay. Follow me on instagram (@ag_roses) for more AG photography!

From Isabella – Isabelle and Addy celebrated there 13th birthday together on Tuesday. One of their gifts was mini dolls. Isabelle got Caroline ( who looks like a mini Isabelle) and Addy got Ruthie since she is sadly retiring .

From Shelby-Grace – I’m having a giveaway on my blog with this adorable dress! I’d love it if you entered -http://ohmydollies.blogspot.com/2014/06/my-very-first-giveaway-enter-below.html

From Suzanne – Saige has patriotic fashion all wrapped up with these fun bandanna dresses. You can see how to make them at dollsonadime.com

What a cute owl dress and hat from Darlene!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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