Thank you to all our fabulous readers who send in photos of their dolls having fun each week. It is great to see what your dolls have been up to and it is one of the most popular posts on Doll Diaries each week.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) made a new friend at Camp Doll Diaries, Elizabeth (JLY #7). They are having fun sitting by the campfire ~ roasting marshmallows and hot dogs and telling stories.

Coco from Urban Chicken Studios sent in some beautiful photos of her doll Jane and a little red birdie.

From Kat peachycake2345 Mini Kit is just lion around…

From Lauren and Amy– Our dolls (Kit, Rebecca, Caroline, Lanie, Julie, Chrissa, Kirsten, Kanani, and Rachel) got dressed up and threw a dinner party!

From AJ – Here is McKenna GOTY 2012 getting ready for school and forgot to brush her hair.

From Sophie – I created this hairstyle using only two toothpicks! (I cut off the points) all I did was put it in a side ponytail(don’t add a hair tie or anything else to hold it in place) and twisted it to the other side of the head and pinned in place.  It made a cute summer hairstyle!

From Diana– Last week I went to my usual stroll at Goodwill and came across this little red wagon.  It came from a florist shop similar to the grill posted recently.  This little wagon was only $2.99 and perfect for giving the babies a stroller ride. Daisy and Mia decided to take their little cousins for a stroll when they visited the plantation house where their grandmother and aunt live.  The little ones seem to be enjoying the ride and of course their favorite doggies had to come along.
From Ellie –  A doll family photoshoot. Here are the doll’s names (from left to right): Top Row: Elenora, Bat-woman and Emma. Middle row: Sophyna, Draculaura and StepMom. Bottom row: Mini Sam, Gabby and Power, which is Emma’s dog. Most of my dolls were in storage, and I just got Emma.
Hi Char! This a doll my dad helped me rescue. He bought her from an Estate Sale. When I first got her home she looked like she had been sitting in an old barn for a couple years. She had what looked like dirt all over her skin. I used baking soda, peroxide and PanOxyle to clean her skin. I haven’t gotten to clean her hair yet but if anyone has suggestions on how to do it, please tell me. Her body is plastic and has joints on her legs. She also came with a salon chair and salon hair dryer. The box that she came in said ‘New York Doll Company’ and didn’t have a date. I was hoping someone might have some info on that. The clothes are baby clothes that my grandma found at a Goodwill I think and the socks and hat my aunt knitted for me. The doll stands at about 22-24 inches. If you have any info please let me know! Thanks! –Sarah
From Lisa Rose – Life of Faith doll Elsie Ann relaxing with her pug, Otto.
From Sheliya – This is my doll pool party. I made the pool from a My Froggy Stuff tutorial. The dolls are our Barbies and Mini Ivy.

Agoverseasfan recently visited an AG store and took a video on the hearing aids for dolls. Interesting!

From Cordelia – After much practising, Katherine and Rose stepped on the stage at the Camp Doll Diaries Amphitheatre for their performance in the talent show. Katherine is playing the bagpipes, providing music for Rose who is doing a highland fling. Both were nervous, but excited to perform. They just loved seeing all of the other talented dolls as well. What a wonderful week they have had.

From Gemmi- My dolls enjoying smores at the Camp Doll Diaries campfire!

Julie’s already for the pool! From Alyssa

From Sophia – In the past, Lanie has watched my kitten climb in the “tree” of our house. She decided that she should give my kitten a run for her money. Here is Lanie’s attempt at climbing the tree.

Finally, Kathy at KKcollect didn’t waste anytime coming up with her own version of the new AG Snack Cart for the dolls. You can see exactly how she made it by watching her video at:

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