Good morning! Thanks to all who have been sending in photos for our Camp Memories posts and our Sunday Showcase posts  – we just love seeing all the doll adventures and creativity!

From Keely – Rebecca loves summer and is going to be practicing her routine.

From Malia –  We received the boat and fishing outfit that we won this week in the mail and my daughter was so excited!  Cecile and Felicity are enjoying the lake in their new boat, while McKenna is catching fish by the shore at camp. We love the cute Skiff, and the fishing gear is so greatly detailed. The Queen’s Treasures quality is always excellent. We packed a picnic in the side basket for the girls and McKenna was having great luck catching fish today.  It is a great set.  Thank you so much for offering this contest, we were so surprised and excited when we won.  I know we will have lots of fun playing with this new set over the years.  We truly enjoy Doll Diaries and The Queen’s Treasures!

From Abigail (ags139) –  Hello I wanted to share a picture I took on my recent “photoshoot” with my doll Anastasia (mag33)!

From Tony – Jane and Cecelia were inspired by last week’s Camp theme, Once Upon a Fairytale, to play dress up at Jane’s house this weekend.

From Rapunzel- Here I am with pascal! You can check out my new blog at

From Melangell – I have been wanting to sew this hat from Lee and Pearl for a long time now.  Found here  Sewbig and I decided that now was the time to make the hat and add a Camp Doll Diaries logo on the front.  We used the “Big Fat Trucker” hat front so we would have a solid panel to apply the CDD iron on, but used the baseball hat pattern for the rest.  I think it turned out great.  This is listed as an easy pattern to sew but is only for American Girls.  I might try to reduce the pattern and see if it works for smaller dolls also.

From Izzy– Isabelle is enjoying the Summer weather. Come see more of her at my blog: My AG’s & Me

From Elly – This is my entry for the Doll Wardrobe 2014 Fashion Design Contest! 🙂 my outfit is inspired by the 80’s style! 🙂 please vote for me at this link:

From Dakota – Here are two of my dolls, Kanani and Caroline. You can follow my pictures on Instagram @angelthetzu (my dogs name) I am also going to be selling a NIB Mia, Elizabeth, and Chrissa along with many NIB retired clothes and NIB Mckenna’s beam and bar set. I have no clue what to price them at! If any of you devoted AG fans have any suggestions, they will be appreciated!

From Kristen L.– Molly loves her Doll Diaries pajamas!

From Madelon – June 18 was National Fishing Day – Isabelle put on her Queen’s Treasure fishing outfit to celebrate the day. She eyes the AG stream to find a good spot to drop her line!

From Isabella – Madline hatter invited all her friends for a picnic . Ghoulia is using a old barbie bike , opertta ( monster high) and madaline are enjoing there picnic and stacy ( hearts club ) brought a soccer ball . The scene backdrop is a old paper doll book. Happy national picnic day.

From Shelby-Grace: Mai is modeling her new scarf! My mom and I made it for her 🙂 What do you think of it?

It is sunny today and so I decided to wash my newly purchased second hand doll clothes. I hope they dry! From Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Ayla – I have this beautiful doll I got at a garage sale for 25 cents. I looked all over this doll to try to find any tags or markings. It didn’t have any. Its the most beautiful doll I have ever seen! It is really detailed, it even has finger prints. I really want to know what brand of doll it is. It has dark skin, with brown eyes and curly brown hair, the eyes don’t close and are very detailed, she also has white painted earings.
If you have any idea what brand of doll this is comment below.

From Janet – My mother and I have finally opened our Etsy shop!

From Melangell – Lee and Pearl (the pattern makers) pinned this cool craft for making a Hawaiian lei on their website,   It is made from a $.99 lei from the party store and some time.

From N – Team building activity her dolls did for Camp Doll Diaries.  She loves to make these pyramids out of her dolls.  The dolls are standing with no support, just balanced.

From Camille – Mini Saige and Chelsea are spending the night outside by the fire in celebration of Camp Doll Diaries.

Casey leads on her guitar as Caroline, Kit, Grace, Elizabeth, Samantha and Bethany join the evening sing-along. They are gathered around the camp fires we made this week. The camp fires actually light up with a battery tea light in the center. From Granof4.

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