Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s that help build our doll houses, make special trips to AG with us, join us for tea parties and are just great Dads in general! Thanks for all the wonderful photos you have sent in this week, too.

From Sparkie – I took this picture while I was making a photostory for my dolls’ fifth grade graduation, and thought I would be great with this caption and edited.

From Armani – Jane went to Buckingham Palace for the first time.

I am not sure who this is from – because they didn’t put a name in the email, but it is Felicity dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

From Christian Homeschooler – My dolls and my sisters’ dolls are having a lot of fun at Camp Doll Diaries.  They ended the first week with a camp out.  They roasted marshmallows and then made smores.  Samantha, Josefina, Felicity, and Millie(Life of Faith) are roasting marshmallows.  Violet is eating her smore, since she already roasted her marshmallow.  Amelia(in the background) is playing campfire songs on her banjo, while she is waiting her turn to roast a marshmallow.

From Janis – I found your blog while I was looking for storage solutions for all of my 8 year old daughter’s 18 inch doll things. My daughter and I have been readers ever since. Even though my husband and I are not crafty at all after seeing some of the DIY doll spaces on your site we decided to give it a try and turn a TV armoire into a doll house for her. We spent about $120 on it. We found a huge TV cabinet for $40 on craigslist. We had to buy new hinges and rehang the top doors so they opened out instead of going in. We added another shelf to make the third floor.  We painted the inside and installed cabinet lighting. My daughter loves it and now her room is neat and clean. Here are a couple photos. We hope you enjoy!

From Alyssa – Megan getting ready for cheer practice!

From Jan – Saige by the plant.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) loves Camp Doll Diaries. Her latest adventure was a butterfly hunt. Jane saw lots of pretty butterflies, but she didn’t actually catch any. She just enjoyed watching them flutter by.

From Gillian – My dolls, (Saige, Marie-Grace, and Ruthie) posing for the camera and getting some well deserved sunshine in Washington State!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are preparing to leave their cabin and set out on a hobo picnic. They are checking with each other to make sure they have what they need. Katherine has her sun hat and their lunch, as well as her whistle–just in case.  Rose has their sit upons and their yoyo and she is wearing her new sun visor which Katherine helped her decorate. Both have had a wonderful week at Camp Doll Diaries making crafts and exploring.

Agoverseasfan was at the American Girl LA store when she noticed Robyn getting her hair done at the salon. Robyn is from Our Generation. I would have loved to see the before and afters!

From kat peachycake2345 movie pic of dancers in distress.

From Sewbig – Another rainy afternoon at Doll Diaries Summer Camp.  The Kidz have been enjoying the crafts this week, but were hoping for some outside activities.  The weather has not cooperated.  A tornado touched down about a mile from our camp site.  Glad they were in a cabin, and not a tent.

From Mariah – Alexi is waking up Elli so they won’t be late for Camp Doll Diaries!

From Sophia -Stefanie is ready to go to Virginia with my friend in early August. Uhh don’t you think you need to get changed in summer clothes, Stefanie? And don’t you think it’s a little too early to be ready to leave?

From Iris and Mimi; Daphne and Mia made God’s Eyes at camp.

From Cedar– Saige and Fern went horse riding at camp this week.

From Agnieszka – My four beauties ready for the summer. If only it stopped raining outside!

From Janet – Sabine modeling the dress I made her from a Carpatina pattern.  The bow was made out of scrap material.

From B- Our Doll Diaries T came in yesterday, thank you so much Char! Here is a picture of Fey (ag Rebecca) for the Sunday Showcase!

And finally for this week, come see Sharry’s dolls doing their baton routine – so cute!

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