Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads who help build doll houses, make the trek to American Girl, and are there for us everyday! 

It has been a long few weeks and I am really looking forward to things slowing down a bit as we head into summer. Natalie has one final performance for The Little Mermaid today and I’m actually sad its over. 

That’s Nat in the light blue dress as one of the princesses signing to Prince Eric in the scene called “The Contest.”

And now back to dolls and what your dolls have been doing this week!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have settled into their cabin at Camp Doll Diaries. Katherine sewed the cushions and curtains as well as the Hudson’s Bay blankets (following Karen’s instructions from last summer). Rose, wearing her cherished Camp Doll Diaries hoodie, has set out the nature finds that they have collected so far as well as the items that they brought from home. Next they will make some posters for the cabin walls.

From Stephanie J – The weekend before last I had the opportunity to visit to AGPC! Now all of my modern dolls have new summer outfits! Kaitlyn (#7) is wearing the Purchase-with-Purchase Beach Dress; Isabella (#25) is wearing the Sunny Isle Outfit; Ariana (#28) is wearing the Floral Swim Oufit; and Zoey (#34) is wearing the Store Exclusive Starry Tee, the Store Exclusive Pink Shorts, and the Souvenir Accessories. 

From Beth – “Listen, Alice, this is my favorite part!”
Alice and Dorothy are participating in summer reading at the local library, so they are reading the Wizard of Oz together.
Both Alice and Dorothy are Patience dolls from Wilde Imagination.

From Hallie – Marie-Grace and Caroline are having fun dressing up their dolls. 

From Agnieszka – Dell went on a trip to the country. Here she is ordering food in a Country Inn.

From Rachel – Shoshanna is enjoying the beautiful bonsai trees at the National Arboretum in her Japanese kimono and hair clip.

I recently got Ana from frozen.Do you like her? –Gabby

From Eileen – This is my entry for the Doll Wardrobe’s 2014 Spring Fashion Design Contest. My doll Zaira modeled this toile-print dress I made. I am in the newbie category. Please vote for me at this link: http://sp2014dwfashiondesignchallenge.blogspot.com/2014/05/entry-2.html

This was supposed to be in the vintage doll post, but I missed it! From Xyra – Front row: 2 dolls made by my grandmother for me. They are only known as “The Twins.” Next to the Twins is Kiki. She is an Italian baby doll that was ordered through Lilian Vernon catalog (or the other one that was popular in the 70s and early 80s). Back row: Rub-A-Dub Dolly she was fabulous in the tub and pool! And lastly, Timey Tell. She always went to the eye doctor with me and he’d check her eyes when he checked mine.

From Keely: Cecilie looking beautiful, ready for Summer!!! She is attending CDD and her cabin is the Rainbow Dollies.

From Grace Kelly – Here are some of my dolls when their school was putting on 13! The musical. Mia/Archie and Saige/Patrice are on the top. Next row: grace (JLY 29)/ Eddie, Josie(Modern Josefina)/Brett, Erica (JLY 55)/Lucy, and Mickey(McKenna)/ Kendra. Bottom row: Marisol/Malcolm, Rachel(JLY 56)/ Evan, and Lindsay/ Charlotte. I know I am missing four characters but I only wanted to use my modern dolls. I realized I had forgotten about Kanani and I could have added her in but I already put my dolls back. 

From Kaf Frum – Toys R Us Australia has stocked the Journey Girls Cruiser bike, it is perfect for the 100+ poses BFC ink dolls, here is Vicki (Journey Girls) Keiralee and (Karito Kids) Anya are waiting their turn, and waiting, and waiting.


?From Shelby-Grace: Kit is outside at her photo shoot! She hopes everyone had a great week 🙂 

From Isabella – The dolls had a dance competiiton on Friday and Isabelle , Addy and Emily won.

From Cassie – Happy Sunday everyone! Follow me on Instagram (@ag_roses) for more doll photography 🙂

From Madelon – Dell, Our Hearts for Hearts doll enjoys some time outdoors now that school is over.

From Aileen – My girls (Madame Alexander dolls) are enjoying all the activities at camp this summer especially swimming and horseback riding.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Chantal and Isabelle prepare for their recital.

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