Good morning!! I hope everyone had a fabulous week. Let’s see what adventures your dolls had this past week.

From Angela – Today, Sunday June 1, 2014, Margaret Mildred Kittredge, Graduated High School with me today. She is surrounded by Ruthie, Kanani, McKenna, Lilly-May, and Saige.

From Bethany M – Kit’s all ready for summer boookwise. She has a wide variety, including Meet Kit, Very Funny Elizabeth, Meet Felicity, and a Nancy Drew book, the latter of which I made myself. In her hands are the two newest books in her collection, which I just made Friday. They are two of the Ever After High books, number 1 and 2. Watch out, Camp Doll Diaries, ‘cuz you have a bookworm coming!

From Vintage Girl – Happy Memorial Day from Saige and Molly!!

From Diane P. – The campers at Maple Hollow got together over Memorial Day weekend to register and get their camp shirts.  They also posed for a group photo.  The blue shirts are from last year, second year campers.  The green tees are this years new campers and staff.  The 3 BFC dolls are the cabin councilors.  This year younger campers are being allowed to come, so Consuelo and Najhi will join the camp. They can’t wait until next week to check in and start their summer camp.

From Ingrid – Yuko and Lauryce at the beach wearing the sailor dresses that I made for them.

From Jessica – On Friday, Ruthie arrived! I bought her second-hand off eBay, and am very happy with her.  She is in great condition, apart from a bit of hair breakage on her wig, and a few pencil marks. Ruthie would absolutely love if you could visit her blog! The address is:

From Shelby-Grace: Cecelia is riding to school in style on her new roller skates!  “Cecelia, wait up!” says Molly as Cecelia giggles and rolls on by and Molly races to catch up 🙂

From Lauren – Matilda loves walking through the beautiful gardens at Hampton Court. Here she is taking a stroll in the sunlight.

From Cassie – I just recently got a new camera, and here is one picture! Follow me (@ag_roses) on Instagram for more 🙂

From Tony – Registration Day at Camp Doll Diaries ~ everyone is so excited ~ campers, Jane and Cecelia, are filling out registration forms and camp staff, Nellie, is handing out camper pins and cabin keys.

From Paris – My dolls and I wanted to celebrate my birthday on June 1. The little table has my favorite things on it – Hand Sanitizers, Stars, Clay Creations (the book my cousin made for me), And UNICORNS!!! Thank You Dollies!

From Ashleigh – I’ve been setting up for Camp Doll Diaries like CRAZY! So many crafts, so little time! Does the set up look good so far? (Note from Char – I LOVE IT!!)

From Kylie – Saige and Jake

From EJ – Dell and Mosi went camping and decided to take a selfie.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Isabelle has changed into her Moxie leotard and is getting ready for class. Her teacher – Westley- is about to show her a new yoga pose!

From Lena B – This is my new doll Megan. She is a Corolle doll and us 14 inches. She has red hair and lots if freckles.

Also from Lena B – This is Megan in her new pajamas. They are Cinderella pjs and looks so cute on her.

My twin girls Echo and Shiloh show off their new beach dresses I made! from LouisgirlLOVES;)carrots

From Kitty: Here’s our doll Caroline checking out the Registration Desk! We used a Lego bucket and taped the banner to it. I made a Camp Pin Number thing out of clay, water colors, and some shiny stuff. When ever the girls want to eat, craft, got o the nurse or an activity, they put in their three letter code. First letter of their First, Middle, and Last name. Caroline is wearing an outfit from a fair. The computer is a DSI. We are supper excited for it to start!

From Belleimage – Camille – Here is McDonald’s Isabelle toy. Did anyone else think that McDonald’s Isabelle would be a little bigger in person?

From Mya – Camp Counselor Sadie from Our Generation at the Camp Doll Diaries Registration Desk.

Here is Addy in her favorite pink strawberry-print dress, relaxing in her grassy yard.  She is so happy that summer is here!  ~FeFe

From Agnieska – During the last week’s heat wave Lillian tried to find some shade in the park.

The girls are hanging up their hand-drawn Camp Doll Diaries poster. If they plan on putting up any more they’ll just have to print them 😉

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