It’s that time again! Time to see what our readers’ dolls have been up to all week!

Jan got Molly – so pretty!

Ema has been practicing her photography skills with Caroline as her model.

Natalia’s beautiful new Saige.

Sewbig29 embroidered this awesome sweatshirt for Canada Day.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose had a wonderful time celebrating Canada’s birthday on July 1. First, they celebrated in 1904 style, calling the day Dominion Day and Katherine waved the Union Jack. They played hide and seek, had a sack race, enjoyed a picnic supper and ended the day watching fireworks while eating huge bowls of homemade ice cream. Then they celebrated in 2013 style, calling the day Canada Day and Rose waved the Maple Leaf Flag. After an afternoon of hide and seek and frisbee, they enjoyed a picnic supper and ended the day watching fireworks while eating huge ice cream cones. They loved being able to sit on their new Hudson’s Bay blankets with their paper lanterns fluttering overhead while they celebrated Canada’s birthday twice!

Saige is ready for her horse show!  From Alyssa.

From Lorie Ann – Felicity, #37 Emma Grace, and Kirsten pose in front of Abby’s American Girl posters at the head of her bed. Our local Barnes & Noble has an American Girl Book Club that meets twice a month. Each meeting the girls discuss a book series. So far the girls have read and talked about Saige and Caroline. This coming Wednesday is all other AG Doll’s that are not featured. Abby will be bringing her Kirsten doll and will tell the girls about her. Each meeting the girls have drinks and snacks and receive goodie bags. The two posters on her wall were in those goodie bags.

From Ella – We have been fans of your site for a long time, but this is the first time we are sharing a pic!  Here are Marie-Grace, Kit, Emily, Molly, Felicity, Clara (#23) and Josefina all discussing the importance of America’s freedom.  They’ve turned over their teacups to remember the protest against those British taxes!  Happy Fourth!

From Katie – Here is my newest doll Jacklynn Scarlett Rose. She is MAG #17 who retired at the summer release.

From Madelon – I borrowed this Betsy Ross outfit from a porcelain doll. The chair, flag, needle and thread came with it. With the Fourth of July approaching, Ellowyne wanted to show her patriotic side.

From aginparadise – Saige had a great time at AGP LA seeing her movie last Friday!

From Lindsey – After watching the new Saige movie , I felt inspired to draw a picture of Saige.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) took an art class at Camp Doll Diaries. She used the beach setting as the theme for her painting.

From Emily: When I saw the new Campus Snack Cart I got inspired! So I decided to re-create it! This was the final product!!

From Eva M. – Kit has just returned from a nature walk and is showing her cabin friends what she found. There are 3 different kinds of pine cones! Then, Counselor Sue had some forms for the girls to fill out.

Violet is having a month of Guest Posts on her blog The first of her guests were her younger stepsisters Mia and Felicity, who posted about their 4th of July celebration.

From Agnieszka – Dell on holiday. Here she is in on the old market square in Zamosc, a beautiful Renaissance town in eastern Poland.

From Diane – We are behind on Camp Doll Diaries.  Here are my and my daughter’s dolls doing their talent at the talent show.  They have made a pyramid with Saige standing on the top with a hamster on her head.  Sorry the background has the TV in it, she finally got it to work after about an hour of trying so I snapped a shot really quick.

From Tara – Brielle, Kendall, Brianna and Adriana had a great time watching the new American Girl Saige movie this morning.  I ran to Walmart as soon as I woke up to purchase it. A $5.00 coupon was attached to use at the register. There is also a coupon for $10.00 at AGD and a bonus mini horse came with it. A great movie with many lessons learned. Saige is a beautiful girl. A must watch! Beware…your creative juices will start to flow after watching it! Each girl will receive a mini canvas to paint on and tacos will be served for lunch.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) and Elizabeth (JLY #7) are enjoying the ice cream social at Camp Doll Diaries. Their mothers arranged their hair special for the party.

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