I hope everyone has had a fabulous July 4th weekend!! We have had sooooo much fun visiting with family and friends – which is why the Week 5 Memories post is not ready yet – and the Sunday Showcase is later in the day than usual. The Week 5 Memories post will not be ready until later this evening – we have one more celebration to attend first.

From Flo – I used two articles of baby clothing to make my own version of Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit.  To see how I did it, go to https://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/one-thing-one-thing-leads-to-ano-o-o-other/

From Viv Rose – I finally took a picture of all my American Girl Dolls. From Left to Right, we have: Mia Charlotte St. Clair (GOTY 2008), Nellie Grace O’Malley (Historical Best Friend), Chrissa Marie Maxwell (GOTY 2009), Kanani Olana Akina (GOTY 2011), McKenna Katherine Watson (GOTY 2012), Juliette Anne Albright (Historical), Ellen Rose Dionne (My American Girl #33), Ivy Elizabeth Ling (Historical Best Friend), Anita Alicia Miranda (My American Girl #28), Maria Josefina Montoya (Historical), Cassidy Raelynn Loring (My American Girl #27), Saige Noelle Taylor (GOTY 2013), Molly Jane McIntyre (Historical), Olivia Piper Thompson (My American Girl #??), Marie-Grace Isabel Watson (Historical), Jessie Hazel Akiko-McConnell (GOTY 2006), and Anna Vivienne Akiko-McConnell (GOTY 2006). I have been collecting for about 7 years and I plan to continue expanding my collection! 

From Madelon – My 2015 Karen Mom of Three t shirt just arrived from Mini Me Dolly Divas. I think it looks great. $2 from the sale benefits a Canadian charity.

From Sue & Sarah: The boys, Josh and Joel are on the beach selling fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and trying out the sparklers, to draw in customers… Happy Independence Day everyone. The firework signs and the printables are from American Girl Ideas • Dolls, clothes, games, tutorials, & free printables. She has an Awesome site, and Ideas, go check it out. 

From Wendy – Cecile was so happy that her dear friend Marie-Grace has joined our family that she had a special tea party for her.

From Victoria — My dolls enjoyed having an Independence Day party yesterday!  http://victorialsmithauthor.blogspot.com/

From Eileen Mary – I dressed up all nine of my American Girls for Independence Day yesterday. Left to right we have Saige (GOTY 2013), Cecile (retired historical), Venus (custom Caroline), Kirsten (retired historical), Violet (MyAG #42), Nikki (GOTY 2007), Felicity (PM doll), Zaira (renamed Ivy), and Madelynne (TM #62). If you would like to hear more about the specifics of each outfit, Zaira is posting a more in-depth post on her blog,worldwidedolls.net, soon.

From Agnieszka – This is my new doll Lucy. She was made by a Polish Internet company, La Lalla, that cooperates with Paola Reina. All their dolls have the face of Las Amigas by Paola Reina but you can decide on the colour of eyes, hair and the hairstyle. So for my birthday I ordered a doll that looks most like me and here she is!

From Charlotte – Happy Sunday everyone. When I went to Paris, I went to the Louvre art museum and as you may know the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Sphinx are there so I took a picture of Grace in front of the Sphinx. Grace was a little bit scared, but she was ok. (She’s not a big cat person.) Hope you like it!

From Natalia – On July 1st I finally went to AG Place Dallas after waiting all year. I live in Europe although I am American, so a trip to the store is always Super special to me. After saving my money for ages, I’ve finally gotten my long awaited doll.
Meet Willow Grace Thomas, a renamed Grace. I love her to pieces and really recommend her!!

From Madelon – Molly and Emily on the stage.

From Maria S – All of my dolls are dressed in red, white, and blue for Independence Day!  Felicity is celebrating the first Fourth of July, while Julie is celebrating the Bicentennial Celebration! Grace can’t wait to celebrate Bastille Day in France in 10 days as well.

From melangell.  We are having fun with food even though that week of CDD is over.  We did some healthy snack food for our campers and also made some soup ingredients.  I used this blog/YouTube channel  http://joannes18dolls.blogspot.com/2015/05/doll-size-carrots.html.

From DanceDayz – Getting ready for the Fourth of July Parade.

Saige and I got a big surprise from the rest of the dolls when we got home from vacation yesterday! From Emmie

From Monica – Caroline, Saige, and Rebecca, celebrating the 4th of July!

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