I hope everyone had a great week! It looks like you had some great adventures with your dolls, too.

From Jessie – Maddi and her horse rest after a long day’s work on their ranch.

From Agnieszka – This is another picture of Dell on holiday in Zamosc. We love the town so much that we are planning to go there again in September if possible.

From April – Last week we travelled many hours to take Saige to  Sovereign Hill, which is a living museum based on the Victorian Gold Rush of 1850’s.  Lovely old fashioned shops, like a lolly (candy) shop, grocery store, flag maker and this one, which is the drapery. Saige even went down a mine shaft and panned for gold!

From Tony – This week at Camp Doll Diaries the girls had fun pretending to be someone else. Jane (Marie-Grace) was pretending to be Caroline and Elizabeth (JLY #7) was pretending to be Saige.  (The hair pieces are from Dollar Tree.)

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have had great fun this week first planning and, then, going on their road trip to the beach. They made sure to pack a substantial picnic lunch, as well as their beach ball, sand pails, and Rose’s frisbee, plus plenty of water and sunscreen. Katherine insisted on making a few modifications to her bathing costume, as she called it, to make it more appropriate for 1904. They had a wonderful day.

From Andrea – I am a fellow DC-area doll lover alongside my five year old daughter and we just recently took a girls day out to Tysons Corner with our two custom dolls – a boy named Aleric and a custom #1 named Echo. We all got to meet the author of the Meet Cecile book, ate a lovely lunch in the bistro, did some shopping, and then rounded out the day with an Crayola art activity making a bookmark that we brought home! We all had SO much fun and everyone was so welcoming and loving to our two very special custom AG dolls, Aleric and Echo.

Chase from Nakamas goes to Abby’s lemonade stand for a cold drink – from Ryan.

Stand Tall- Mosi is on the bridge at our grandparents house over the small stream. From Natalie.

From Olive-For my birthday I got this doll which I called Olive.  She had a party with some pets!

My new Corolle doll, Clara. From Erica B.

Perrin and Sam are stopping for a bite to eat at Violet’s food stand. The outfits and stand are just two of the items in the prize package for the winner of the contest that I am running on Paper Doll World (http://paper-doll-world.blogspot.com/2013/07/exciting-new-contest-starts-today.html).

From Becky – Kaya is holding the latest trade her family has made (a Hudson Bay blanket)

From Devyn– This is my dollhouse in progress that my dad is building me.

From Bailey – I just got my prize from Natalie’s photo challenge on Friday! It is super cute and I love it! Thank you so much!

Also from Becky – Addy, Kirsten and Felicity are enjoying the new aquarium that has been recently installed at their local art center.

Saige with bangs – sent in by J.

Look at Cupid rockin in her car – from Skylar.

From: aginparadise – My dad came back from a trip recently and got this little doll-sized tobasco sauce! Sooo cute.

Eileen made a video for the Sunday Showcase when I was on vacation with Violet. She wants to show you what’s in her beach bag!


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