Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. I am busy, busy trying to get everything prepped for my trip this week.  The kids and I going to Colorado to visit their cousins and I have to go to California for a few days in there, too, for a conference. It is going to be fun. You won’t even notice we are gone though – thanks to my wonderful team, there will be new posts (Camp Doll Diaries and other posts) going up everyday and you can keep up with the adventures on our social media accounts too. With that in mind – there will be NO SUNDAY SHOWCASE NEXT WEEK. Any photos I receive will be kept for August 3rd.

Let’s see what your dolls have been up to!

From Shelby-Grace: Kirsten loves spending summer afternoons outside with her doll, Sari 

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are returning from the orchard with their pails filled to the brim with the cherries they have picked. If they have not eaten all of the cherries by the time they reach home, they plan to make a cherry pie.

From Jenny – My doll, Brooke, in the garden modeling for me!  More pictures of Brooke, Josefina, and Jess can be found in my instagram- darkdollies. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

From Heather T. –  Saige and her mailbox – you can learn how to make one at

From Stephane – Cecile is having a talk with Saige.

From Em-This is the title card from my new youtube series, Mixie Pixie! I would love it you guys would check it out! 

From Kaf Frum – Journey Girls Kyla (2nd from right) has a new face. This is the line up from the back of the box. I thought the Meredith doll (blonde) that I saw in store had also changed, but now I don’t quite know if I was right. I bought Kyla… so far.

From Eileen –  Zaira decided to tag along on a recent trip to Disney World. Most of the time she hung out at the hotel, but she did join us to go on Soarin’ and Maelstrom in Norway when we went to EPCOT. She also loved exploring our hotel, Wilderness Lodge.

From JGKelsey – Journey Girl Jordanna found an outfit from The Queen’s Treasures that she really liked.  Here she is modeling it outside by a white picket fence.  This is such a cute dress…it makes any girl feel like a southern belle!

From Kaylee – As a dancer, I strongly believe you can never have enough tutus! So when I remembered I had a lot of unused tulle and leotards with nothing to match them, I decided to make Isabelle some tutus. Here is a tutu I made to go with a leotard from one of American Girl’s old tap outfits.

From Cassie – What did your dolls do this week? Mine modeled and hung around 😉 Follow me on Instagram (@ag_roses) for more AG photography!

From Suzanne – I was lucky enough to score this beautiful Heidi Ott doll from a thrift store for $5! Her original outfit was complete, but for fun I dressed her up in this fancy gown I also found at the thrift store. It was on a large stuffed rabbit and came with the stand for $4. Don’t you think she looks a little like Cecile in her party dress? For more pictures of Ellie, see my blog at

Kaitlyn was one of the mystery prize winners. Her dolls got the breakfast set that Natalie and Laura made. It looks like they enjoyed them!

From Sharry – Last week I was in Seattle (for my birthday) and I took 2 of my girls Stephanie (AGOT #19, 2nd version) and Melody (AGOT #20 retired), and we (along with my niece) went to the Seattle Police Museum. There’s this part in the back where kids can play with the old style radio equipment and dress up like a policeman (woman). Stephanie and Melody really enjoyed dressing up and playing with the radio. Happy Sunday!

From Janet – On Friday my parents and I went to AGP Seattle for my birthday. They surprised me by buying Isabelle for me. We also saw the Isabelle movie, and after that we went to Lincoln Park to have a picnic. This is a picture of Kit, Isabelle, and Filumena (#23) looking out on Puget Sound at Lincoln Park.

From Kristen L.– Kanani and I would like to say “Aloha”! 

From Aglover2468 – My dolls are having a huge pajama party. From left to right starting in the back. 

Back Row: Cecile, #56, Marie-Grace, Kendra (#44), Katniss (#55)
Middle Row: Emma (#57), Kit, Ruthie, Caroline, Anna (#38)
Front Row: Saige, Isabelle, Lilly-May (#27), McKenna, Kanani
Animals: Kits dog, Kanani’s dog and sealion

Thanks to all who sent in photos today – they are just beautiful!! Remember no Throwback Thursday or Sunday Showcase this week. Camp Doll Diaries is going to be a lot of fun this week and we have some awesome giveaways planned, too!

Have a great week!