Good morning! Today is my last day in NYC and we are going to AGPNY for brunch this morning. I am going to work on the Camp Memories post later today on the train ride home and I will post photos from our store visit on Facebook and Instagram.

From Monica – Hi! I wanted to share with everyone this baking shelf that my dad and I have been working really hard on for quite a while. It was inspired by the food station during baking week of CDD. We made it out of the box my latest doll was shipped in, covered in card stock from Michaels (they happened to have Grace’s EXACT colors), and coated in matte Mod Podge. It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out great! The baking set on top is my friend’s retired JLY baking set combined with a doll-sized  mixer I had from a toy kitchen and a gumball machine I may have won at Chuck-E-Cheese a LONG time ago. The inside is a combination of a lot of different things. Since Sculpy clay is really big in the doll community, I bought the pearl pack and my dad and I are going to make doll-sized treats! But for now, mini erasers will have to work 😉

From ?Hannah – I recently took a picture of all of my dolls to use as a header on my blog, but you can see all of my dolls in it, and I like that.

From Erin – An Australian AG Fan – About two weeks ago, I took some photos of my American Girl Dolls. They were fascinated by the concept of Truly Me, so they dressed themselves in outfits that reflected who they truly are! Here are 4 out of the 6 of my American Girl Dolls being truly themselves; Janet, Kira, Mackenzie and McKenna!

From Emmie – The dolls have had a really fun week! Here we have Mckenna and Eva doing a water fight in the sand, the arrival of my brother’s new Captain America and Ultron dolls, Nicki babysitting for her neighbor, and doll food that I made.

From ElevenDollStars: Here is Samantha in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, District of Columbia. The colors are just gorgeous, and Sam just makes the picture!

From Sarah – Happy Birthday, Susanna! July 15

From Wendy – If you climb into the saddle, be ready for the ride!

From Cupcaketasticqueen – I had so much fun making a video this week.  Thanks to the “Buterflycandy”  YouTube Channel for hosting the Dolly Tea Party Contest.  For those who are interested, contest entry until July 25. 

Hi everyone! Here’s a picture of Grace I took in front of the Palace  of Versailles in Paris. Hope you like it! Grace loved the gardens because she thought it smelled so nice. From Charlotte

From Eileen Mary – Venus decided to play a little wig dress-up this week, she tried on a few different shades from my collection, but overall decided to do the photoshoot in this sea-green one that I dyed. You can see the post about it on Zaira’s blog,

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