Happy Bastille Day! (It’s a French holiday) And thank you for the kind birthday wishes on Instagram and in the comments here – you are the best! Anyhow, let’s take a look at some photos our awesome readers sent in this week.

From Lorie Ann – My dad made this picnic table for Abby and her AG dolls. Since it was cooler her this afternoon, I set up the table along with her AG tent for a photo shoot. Here is a picture of Felicity and Emma Grace enjoying the outdoors.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose went for a long walk through a meadow where Katherine picked some wildflowers to decorate their cabin. Finally they reached the field on the outskirts of Camp Doll Diaries. A “Shetland Pony” named Skipper lives in that field and the dolls spent a lovely time stroking Skipper and feeding him carrots from their basket. They like to visit Skipper often and pretend that he is their very own pony.

Jane (Marie-Grace) and Elizabeth (JLY #7) are so excited that horses will be visiting Camp Doll Diaries today. They have the horse’s feed, treats, and water all ready. Jane is reading interesting facts about horses to Elizabeth while they wait for them to arrive.

My little Asian doll, Maya (Liu by Paola Reina) standing at the wooden well in the market square in Tarnowskie Góry, a town in southern Poland. From Agnieszka.

From Linda…..Kirsten is on her way home from fishing. She has heard lots of talk and is wondering what “Camp” is. But now it’s time to feed the chickens and gather their eggs, then bring in the fresh picked vegetable from the garden. The cow needs to be milked and the butter churned. Then there is the water from the well to be brought in to Mama and the firewood too. Maybe tomorrow she can find someone who knows about camp.

From Devyn- I have loved Doll Diaries for years and this is my first time posting. My AG doll Kaitlyn is enjoying a nice car ride from Kissimmee back to Nashville.

From Divadollys – this is what I found while browsing the thrift store. I got everything in that photo except the snowglobe. The dolls says Jakks Pacific on the neck. It has pjs and my mom also saw a mini hanger with her matching dress in a lonely corner so we got it. You can see it in the washing machine in the photo.

From Slatteryclan – Hi. I just started following you guys and I love everything is see! I have been working on a house for my daughter for the last few weeks. Everything in there I made or bought at Goodwill. It not perfect, I’m not that crafty, but she loves it. Which is what matters.  Anyway, I wanted to show you what you inspired!

From Natalie (yes, my Natalie) – MAG #39, Callie looking gorgeous in green.

From Ava – This is all of my American girl dolls – Molly, Saige, Layla, Brooklyn, Lindsey and Kit.

Cecelia won the dress giveaway earlier this summer and here is her Caroline modeling it for us. Just beautiful!

From Tarynn & Valorie – Here are the things we won in the Doll Diaries giveaway of the Columbus store items, modeled by Paige (MyAG #49).  Thanks so much for the giveaway, and if you can, please tell Sue and Ellie that we love them!
From Camille – her new doll, but she did not tell us who makes her new doll.
Tevin sent in these photos of her Lorifina doll who is no longer available.

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