Updated – I just found a few extra entries that had been missed! Apologies. I have added them to the post.

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Showcase! For all our new friends or those who have recently found Doll Diaries, we welcome readers to send in their favorite photo each week so the entire doll community can enjoy seeing what others are doing. You don’t have to use your real name and we don’t share your email information with anyone either – just follow the directions at the bottom of this post. Here is what some of our readers’ dolls have been up to this week.

From Rachael C – For Christmas this year the girls got a cello to go with their violin. Josefina and Kirsten love playing together and they’re getting quite good! 🙂

From Agnieszka – My little darling Anastasia (Shola) dressed as a princess.

From Samantha – Emily and Nicole meet up at the park to walk their dogs, Yank and Sugar.

From Fawn – Father Time and Baby New Year await the countdown together.

From Linda D – Happy new year from our doll family to yours! Fawn,Jamber Lee,Docia, and their new friend Evangelyn wish ever one the best new year ever.

From Meg – DollFaninAfrica – My newest unnamed Evi doll (seated) is letting her friends pay for petting her puppy named Jamba. The money is being raised for medical supplies to reduce the number of Ebola cases. The dolls are gathered in BoKaap (a suburb of Cape Town).

From Wendy – Saila and Taryn are deciding whether to whip up some bannock or just have Tim Hortons for snack!

From Sheliya – This is my Ashlen Ella doll that I made in to Petra pan the daughter of Peter Pan.

From Sarah – Naoki joined Oxana into my doll family.

From Madelon – Grace shows off her baking skills for National Creampuff Day which was January 2.

From Rachel D – The girls are so excited to welcome in the new year!

From – AshleighluvAG – 5..4..3..2…1!! Happy New Year! Isabelle, Holly and McKenna are celebrating 2015! They had a great time, and hugged and supported Isabelle because she was a little upset about the new GOTY, Grace. Happy 2015 from my dolls!!!

From JGKelsey – Tara is enjoying a beautiful fall day. (oh how I wish it was still fall)  She loves walking through the trees and seeing all of the different colors.  Every once in awhile she even dives into a pile of leaves!  Tara is a Kidz n’ Cats doll.  She is in her meet outfit.

From Julia – Here is a hairstyle I did on Isabelle. It is a bow made out of hair. Even though Grace has arrived, Isabelle still is a very nice doll. Also, thank you Pinterest for the tutorial!

From Shelby-Grace: I am absolutely loving my Isabelle doll, Nora! She is really photogenic in my opinion 😉 I hope you were able to get all the pieces you wanted from Isabelle’s collection before she retired! Have a great week! 🙂

Grace joined the shiningstarag family on January 1st! She’s enjoying her kitchen! From Bella shiningstarag.blogspot.com

From Camille – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I had a GREAT Christmas and I got my 2nd AG doll!!! I got #31! I named her Piper. I had even more fun because I got my first InnerstarU account, because my first AG doll was a second hand Samantha doll. I know this isn’t the normal AG doll meet outfit. But, I also got a new OG outfit, and Piper just couldn’t wait to try it on. It’s so cute!!

From Samantha – This is a before and after photo of a bookcase I made for my American Girl dolls…

Submitted by Aqua – Coconut recently had a Birthday and the dolls wanted to celebrate. Sneaky Caroline is taking a cupcake before we sing Happy Birthday!  Ashley recently got Grace Thomas to add to her collection, and is very excited.

Happy New Year from The American Girl Attic Girls! From Maria S. 
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