Apologies for not having Sunday Showcase last week. I had good intentions of getting it posted while I was on my flight to the west coast and was actually looking forward to using the in flight wi-fi and being super productive, but I forgot to charge my laptop which made it totally useless! Today’s Sunday Showcase will include the photos from last week too.

From JGKelsey – Sleigh Ride! It is so beautiful out when there is fresh new snow covering everything in the winter.  And there is no better way to see all that beauty than in a horse drawn sleigh.  Mikaella and Chavonne were able to take an early morning sleigh ride as the sun peaked over the tops of the trees.  They covered up with a nice warm blanket and explored the beautiful countryside. Chavonne is staying warm in her “My Life As…” outfit.  Mikaella is loving her new outfit from the “Our Generation” line at Target.  They are riding in The Queen’s Treasures sleigh.

From Cordelia – Marisa has had a great time today using her new snowshoes to explore the woods around her cabin in a National Park. She has taken photos of red squirrels and chickadees. Although she has seen signs of beaver activity, she hasn’t seen a beaver—maybe tomorrow!

From Kristen L.– Disney Animators’ Collection Elsa and Anna have their own mini’s! (Works well for AG dolls too)

From dancedayz – Addy enjoyed her night at the Ballet. She loved all the costumes of the dancers…and wore her best dresses to celebrate!

From Maria S – Kit is enjoying her new bed and quilt set!  For more of her Beforever Spotlight Post, you can visit my blog at http://agatticgirls.blogspot.com

From melangel.  This is my Makie, a Chestnut.  I got her just before Christmas.  The Wrenn Feathers blog had a contest for making tiny clothes.  This is the dress I made for the contest.

From Cristin & Annalise – Since Grace has arrived, we’ve had so much fun introducing french-themed items into our doll play. The book The Petite Prince is one of our favorites. {It has sold over a 150 million copies, and is one of the best selling books of all times.} This week, we’ve added some Little Prince posters to our dollhouse, and even made our own mini copy of the book! We love seeing all of the french-inspired doll creations.

From Ashley– Here is my new build a bear! I just had to fiddle with the photo edits.

From Ms AGdoll – Audrey-Ann is enjoying a crisp autumn day on the farm. Doesn’t she look pretty? Audrey-Ann is a retired Our Generation doll.

From Ashley C. –  With all the buzz about new GOTY Grace,and since I don’t have her yet, I thought I might as well bust out my other Paris France themed dollies.

Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleighride together with you. From Fawn.

From Sarah – Paige joined my doll family, but I want to start a blog for them!

From Linda D – Last week I got Kit’s floral dress and the fresh and fun earrings.I totally would recommend them. Jamber Lee does look adorable in the dress,does she not?

From Victoria – My Kidz n Cats Sophie enjoyed sharing her animal toys and playing with her new friend, AG Rebecca, in the doll family room.  Complete photo shoot and more at https://victorialsmithauthor.wordpress.com/!

From Stephanie J – My newest girl, Ivy, introduces herself to her new roommate, Corgi McCorg, and gives him a big hug. Ivy’s the only doll staying with me at grad school this semester, so you can look forward to more pics of her over the next few months.

From Rachel D – Elizabeth and Rebecca had a blast posing for a winter photo shoot this week. Come check out the rest of the photos on my channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEReZ7iuOE4 .

From Karina B – My doll, Rylie Grace, climbing around on a log pile with her Lalaloopsy, Noelle.

From Erin an Australian AG Fan – On the 13th of January, my Janet Katrina King (Grace) finally landed in Australia. She is most likely the first Grace doll in Australia! She is gorgeous and quite unique. She is named after 2 of my favourite people. Janet King (played by the fantastic Marta Dusseldorp), who is a fictional television character off my favourite dramas, Janet King and Crownies. Janet is a barrister at the Department Of Public Prosecutions and is a very strong female character. Her middle name is after an incredible lady called Katrina Dawson. Katrina was a real-life barrister and mother of 3. Sadly she died at the age of 38 in the recent Martin Place Lindt Cafe Siege, that took place in Sydney, Australia just over a month ago. She died trying to protect her pregnant friend, Julie. Janet goes by Netty for short, and her nickname is Elvis, due to the fact her last name is King. Welcome, Netty!

From Suzanne – My blind doll Quinn (from Madame Alexander) shows off her new white cane and Victor Reader Stream (accessible audio book player). If AG ever makes a blind character, these are the accessories I would want to see, but until then I made my own with a dowel, craft paint,
electrical tape, craft foam, and a computer print out. You can see more of Quinn on my blog at dollsonadime.com

From PuppyPick – Ginger watches as the snow slowly melts. She knows that winter’s almost over. Spring’s on its way.

From Bethany – I made this suitcase out of an American Girl accessories box and took a photoshoot with it. I think the suitcase turned out very well.

From April – Mikaella on holidays. 

From Wendy – Getting flowers…

From Sharry – Hi DD readers! Here are my dolls Jennifer (Springfield Abby) on the left and Sunny (AG Julie) on the right at a pajama party. Jennifer is wearing “fake” Julie pajamas from MyDollStore.com, and Sunny is wearing the AG Julie pajamas I got on sale for $12. I must admit, I like the fakes better, b/c they’re flannel, and a more bubble gum shade of pink. But the slippers are better on the AG Julie set, b/c they stay on her feet, and the fake slippers, well…slip off. But it’s nice to have both sets. Don’t Jennifer and Sunny look just adorable in them? Happy Sunday!

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