Good morning!! I can’t wait to share all the wonderful photos everyone sent in this week!

From Elizabeth – This is my Corolle doll Sami (originally Chloe) in a room that I made. Everything in this room I made, that includes the couch, rug, table, lamp, wall and wall art. Sami is spoiled by all my crafts for my dolls.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are very excited because they are about to attend a ballet performance, “Sleeping Beauty”. They are also delighted because they are wearing their new dresses to this special event.

From Granof4 – Samantha and Elizabeth came over to help Bethany move into her new house. They’re sipping root beer floats while they take a break on the kitchen floor. (Elizabeth belongs to my second granddaughter.)

From Tony – Cecelia has been playing dress up and wanted to have her portrait taken. She’s wearing the costume from AG Rebecca’s Costume Chest.

All of Pine Valley Girls Club auditioned for the spring recital and Addy got the lead. Addy has always been a ballerina and was super excited to find out that this year’s girl of the year is too! We made the whole outfit (except for the tights) ourselves.

From Chantal – Her daughter’s new doll house – you can see more at the video –

From Andrea – We love GOTY 2014 Isabelle’s style – especially her motorcycle jacket! Echo was inspired by the look especially and loves this hand-painted design on the back of her faux leather jacket. {}

I took my doll Daisy (MAG 21) out for a snowy photo shoot, and as I was experimenting with the settings on my camera, I got this! –Julia L.

From Iris- A friend and I put together a scene from the movie Frozen using Julie and Saige.

From Rachel E – Violet came with me on my recent trip to Chicago. She wanted her picture taken in front of one of the famous landmarks of Chicago. Can you guess which one this is?

From Alyssa – This is my new doll Isabelle! She’s a great doll! Check out my you tube to see me opening her! The channel name is Alyssa N. and saige is my icon!

While I was traveling I missed National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Luckily Madelon remembered! Kailey’s dog loves to wear his purple bandana on Dress up your Pet Day! What do your dolls pets wear?

From Kristen L.– I went to a doll show recently and bought these three outfits from a seller. Molly is in the cherry jumper, K2 is in the coral dress, and Saige is in the purple dress.

From Vicki – I just got my Henriette from eBay. I think I’ll call her Johanna. I haven’t had a doll in 50 years but couldn’t resist. We loved the blue eyed blond, but I like to be different, so I ordered a brown eyed blond. She’s beautiful!  However, one of her irises is a bit off, (it seems to look worse in pictures than for real) and one of her boots has a loose buckle. Guess I can’t blame it on the Chinese this time!

Leila thinks my lamp shade needs some shimmer. (If you noticed, her sweatshirt does say Mt. Rushmore. I got this on a bear from when I went there and it is the perfect size) From- Livelovedolls 

From Rachel E – This is my collection of doll Christmas presents. In the upper left is the OG doll car my sister and I got to share (with models Evangeline and Lillian). Next to it is the Robin Hood outfit my mom made me. In the lower left is my new Madeline Hatter doll. And next to it is the OG purse, wallet, mirror, and lipstick set.

From Jo – Kirsten making snow angels.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Here is a picture of my smallfry Hedgehog with a toy teddy (Barbie’s) and three teddies ready for purchase. It looks like the teddies cannot wait to get home.

From Jennifer – Here is Saige, Emily, Kit, Mosi and Sam practicing ballet . Inspired by Isabelle.