Good morning everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It looks like the dolls had some exciting adventures this week – take a look:

From Shelby-Grace: Here is another picture of my new doll, Nora! I’m so happy to have gotten her before she retired! I hope you were able to get all the pieces you wanted from Isabelle’s collection before she retired! Have a great week! 

From Flo:  Rebecca was a victim of the “whipped cream bandits” on New Year’s Eve.  Read more about it at

From Mommy’s Doll Club – Some of the dollies at Mommy’s Doll Club celebrated the news of AGOTY Grace by sharing all the sweets in the house! The goodies came from Jenny’s baking set, the new tea set and the gourmet kitchen all from Our Generation.  The table and chairs were from Battat circa 1998ish.  The clear cups were from IKEA (discontinued). The ice cream sundaes are lip glosses found in a set with party favors at Walmart.  They offer a similar set online.  L-R Amy (OG Kendra), Kirsten, and Nellie’s sisters, Jenny (JLY56) and Bridget (JLY33).  Nellie and Samantha were off on their own adventure but the girls saved them some treats!  

From Kristen L.- Grace joined our doll family on January 2nd, 2015. This is one of the pictures taken of her the following day. 

From Wendy – Sweet Saila loves dolls too!

From Sarah B – Sevilta joined my doll family, but it’s Friday night and Sevita, Nayoki, and Oxana thinks that there is nothing good on tv tonight.

From Suzanne – Marie Grace and Cecile’s paper doll set makes a lovely Parisian street scene. Our OG mini Sienna is filling in for Grace in a homemade beret.

From Tony – Looking lovely as always, Miss Piggy is attending the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards, even though she was not nominated, as she should have been, for Best Actress for her stunning performance in Muppets Most Wanted.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are very excited, and a little bit nervous, to be attending their very first New Year’s Levee, hosted by their Member of Parliament. Wearing their new dresses makes them happy, as does the prospect of all the sweet treats on offer!

From Melangell – Belated Happy Holidays!  My Matilda and my daughters new Lydia are showing off their new goodies from The Queens Treasures.

From Camille -Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week back from school! I sure did! Piper and Brooke became instant BFFs as soon as Piper came out of her box. Right here is a picture of Brooke and Piper posing for a best friend picture! Say cheese!

From Sharry – Happy New Year,  DD readers. Here’s a pic of my boys Danny (L) in Batman PJs and Jason (R)  in Bug Bunny PJs,  playing w/ their action figures. Danny is playing w/ Bigfoot, and Jason is playing w/ The Six Million Dollar Man, based on the TV series from the 70s. Happy Sunday!

From Maria S – Kit is doing some baking with the Our Generation baking set as a perfect combination of Grace’s debut and the Beforever spotlight this month: Kit Kittredge Full photo story coming soon at

From Peace – Rebecca of mossy hill! I think the green moss looks beautiful with the sunlight, don’t you?

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