Good morning!! So, you have heard me say that things have been crazy around here before, but we moved this weekend and don’t have internet hooked back up yet, so yes, things have been a bit crazy. I am hoping that by Tuesday I will have internet again and won’t have to go to Starbucks to get my work done. Thank goodness for my FABULOUS team of Karen, Anna, Brandy, Laura and Diana for helping me keep things hopping!

Also – if you have won a giveaway from us (going all the way back to December photo contests) and have not got your prize yet, I will be mailing them out as soon as I unpack that big box.

Let’s see what adventures your dolls had this week!

Made from Simplicity pattern #1245, here’s my 1950’s Tab Front Diner Dress, made by me, Sewbig!

Europe is covered with snow but Christi (by Paola Reina) is not afraid of the freezing cold because she has a new super warm coat! From Agnieszka.

From Cordelia – Marisa was delighted to discover that the pond outside her cabin in a National Park was solidly frozen. Wearing the beautiful outfit that she won in a DollDiaries contest last year, she is having a wonderful time skating on the frozen pond.

From Laura V – My dolls are training Chocolate Chip to be a guide dog. They are sad that they will have to give him away in a few months, but are also excited he is going to help someone.

From Rachael C – Here is a picture I took of the girls playing Monopoly and enjoying some hot chocolate and cookies. The storm here has kept them inside, and they sure are making the best of being snowed in!

From Belleimage – Here my new doll. she is a Monster High doll. Her name is Abby abominable daughter of the abominable snowman. She is a great doll. She is really photogenic!

From Shannon – Getting ready for the Birthday party!

From Erin – An Australian AG Fan – These are my four Australian Girl Dolls; Jasmine, Amy, Matilda and Celia. They celebrated Australia Day in style. Jasmine donned an Aussie flag shirt and spent the day playing outside (even though she is 15, she still loves to play!). Amy decided to play a small game of netball with Jasmine. Amy’s just got new glasses, as you can see! Matilda thought that going in the pool would be a fantastic idea, because it was so hot. And finally, Celia went to the local botanic gardens to place a poppy down in honour of all of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died in war over the last 100 years.

Good cookies from Doll Daydreams.

From JGKelsey – Ellowyne has made it into my collection of dolls.  She is very different than any of the other dolls I have.  She makes a really wonderful photography subject though.

From Fawn – Poor Kevin lives in a house surrounded by 9 sisters. He and his mom have just finished a book entitled, “The Adventures of Captain Underpants”. During story time he dresses in character and then goes running around the house shouting, “I’m Captain Underpants!” His mom allows his moment of fun but his sisters, while at first amused, are getting tired of “the dumb boy in the red cape”.

From Linda D – Happy Valentines Day!Sorry for the bad photo quality. Most of the girls outfits are bought except the red top, and the lace infinity scarf my Mom and me made. I have some questions. Jamber Lee has a black stain on her foot that looks to be from her boots that she came in, and a red scrape that looks like pen on her upper leg. Fawn’s wrist has a paint stain from a blue watch. How would I get rid of these stains? Evangeline, my girl with dark brown hair, I’ve been having trouble curling her hair. I do not want to cut it. Is there any ideas how to curl it? Can someone please help me with these problems.Thank you for your help.

From Tenley – Valentine Sweetie

From Ellie – The other day, Kirsten decided to dress up as Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings, and she was so excited about it she wanted me to come outside and take pictures of her! You can check out the rest of the shoot here:

From Noelle – Autumn in the early morning sun.

From Melangell.  Clementine is all set for a day of sledding.  Unfortunately, we’ve had no snow so she could only pose with fake snow 🙁

From Rachel D – This week, Elizabeth had fun making a “My morning routine” video. Watch it here:

From Eileen – Zaira took a hike at the local park today. She took this photo if herself for the scrapbook.

From Wendy – Snow Angels

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