So, are you rooting for the Broncos or Panthers in the Super Bowl? Me, well, honestly I am not that concerned about football anyhow, I am hoping all my gymnasts stay on the beam and have solid performances at their competition today!!

Before I head out for a day of gymnastics, let’s take a look at what your dolls have been up to all week.

Mimi 2_6_16

From Mimi -As you can imagine, Panthers pride abounds in Charlotte in anticipation of Super Bowl 50! We are ready! GO PANTHERS! KEEP POUNDING! DABONEM!


From Kristen L.– Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year is tomorrow, February 8th. K2 and Ivy would like to say “Happy Chinese New Year!” to everyone. This year is the Year of the Fire Monkey. X?nnián kuàilè!


From Sheryl – Clem decided to join me to see the movie, “The Boy.”  She loves going to the theatre to see scary doll movies.


From Phoebe – Charlotte is ready for Valentine’s Day!


From Rhonda – Julie in my DIY Pottery Barn Teen Fur Chair.


From Erin – I made Samantha’s blue play dress from “Meet Samantha. I have it for sale on Etsy here.


From Cordelia -Marisa and her new friend, Isla, had lots of fun building a snowman in the woods around Marisa’s cabin in a National Park.


From Raven.Kitty -After another successful rockin’ show for Christine (rewigged Karito Kids Lara), she waves to her adoring fans! Her outfit is a compilation of assorted American Girl sized items, including the top from the 2008 Singing Star outfit. The microphone is from the current AG Music & Movies entertainment set. The purple guitar is from a My Life As set from Walmart. The red guitar was bought on ebay, and was modified with a leather strap, and a wireless transmitter for the amplifier.Thanks to all who sent in photos this week!


From Madelon – Snow Queen


From Agnieszka -This is my new doll, Antonia (Gotz, Hannah Loves Horseback-Riding, 2014). As you can see, she is a very laid-back, relaxed and easy-going person.


Lauryce is hoping you all had a beautiful weekend.  Lots of sunshine here, but still very chilly!  From Farrah Lily from


From Diana Lee -This a picture of mini Ruthie from a photoshoot I did this week. She is so cute!! I also made an AGPS on YouTube from the rest of my shots. You can see it here: I hope you enjoy it!


From KrazyAGLover – Molly has been given the task of walking Cookie (Rembrandt)! If you want to see more of the dolls adventures! Then check out

Thanks to all who sent in photos this week – I love them all!

Please note! There will NOT be a Sunday Showcase next week because I will be in NYC for Toy Fair. If you send photos in, the will be saved for the February 21 post.