Happy Sunday!! There are so many beautiful photos that were sent in this week – let’s just get started!


From Raven.Kitty – Malia’s (Karito Kids Lulu) favorite time of the week is when she is at her African dance and drumming class. She is always the first one to arrive, and the last to leave. The outfit is AGs African Dance outfit, with handmade jewelry. The drums were found on ebay.

H4H girl for DD

I was so excited when I found a Corelle baby doll for $10 and a H4H doll for $9 at a consignment sale on Monday! The H4H doll came with one shoe and no earrings, but I love her anyway! I will send a picture of the baby doll next week. Does anyone now what the H4H doll’s original name is? If you don’t know I’d also like name suggestions for her! I named the baby doll Adison. -From Emmie


From DanceDayz – Here is Caroline dressed in her Battle Dress.


From Luv4Dolls – The weather finally warmed up so Kit, Saige, and Meatloaf went out for a stroll! Saige is wearing Isabelle’s Sweater (retired), the Fair Isle pants, her meet boots (retired), AG glasses, and a knitted hat from my Nana. And Kit is wearing Saige’s Sweater (retired) Saige’s leggings (retired), the shoes from Ag’s School Days outfit, and tank top from an AG exclusive, and Meatloaf is a retired AG pet.


From Kristen L.- Happy Birthday Poison Ivy!


From Stephanie – This is my Dress a Doll from Tawny Nix. I call her Iris. She’s wearing an outfit from the Springfield Collection, including the tights. Iris is a slim, all-vinyl doll like the Carpatina dolls, but the skirt fits perfectly because it has an elastic waist. Even the tights fit as if made for her, and I love these tights. They’re really nice quality, as is the skirt and sweater.


From Phoebe – Ava and Charlotte are enjoying breakfast!


From Madelon – Julie relaxed in her owl print pjs.


From LoneStarDolls: Kristen had a blast riding Rosie on the farm. They even brought Elsa their foal (not shown)! For more of Kristen and my other dolls adventures check out https://thedollsoftexas.wordpress.com

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