Has everyone started thawing out yet? For those of us on the East Coast it has been a long, cold and snowy week and I am totally ready for spring! How about the dolls? It looks like they have had a great week – take a look.

From Melangell – Saige and Matilda had a little Mardi Gras celebration.  Hope they enjoyed their kings cake.

Kanani hits the neighborhood slopes from 4dollsandponies.

From Suzanne – Here is my picture for this week’s Sunday Showcase.  Saige was inspired to start her own sweet shop, just like in Grace’s stories. The treat stand was on clearance after Valentine’s Day, and I made the gingham baking set. See more at dollsonadime.com.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose had a marvellous time celebrating Valentine’s Day with lots of sweet treats.  They gave each other lovely Valentines and enjoyed having their pets with them. Let’s hope that their pets keep away from the treats!

From Pine Valley Girls Club – The weather was nice so Saila went out climbed some trees for fun!

From Julia L. – We bought a little camper this week that came with an even smaller model. Amelia Thimble claimed the model as her camper and immediately took off camping in the snow (indoors, of course, so she wouldn’t be buried in the real stuff).

From Wendy – Grace baked these people sized macarons for me for Valentine’s Day!

From Linda – Saige, McKenna, Samantha, Kirsten and Nikki busy writing out their Valentines.

From Emmie – Saige and Nicki are celebrating Nicki’s dog, Smiley’s birthday together. Happy birthday Smiley!

From Kristen L.– Grace’s City Outfit is great for mix-and-matching; especially for Valentine’s Day! Grace’s outfit includes; sunglasses: Our Generation, sweater & shoes: Grace’s City Outfit, skirt: Winter 2014 PWP, and leggings: Doll Diaries PJ’s.

From Fawn – Our grandson spent Presidents’ Day with us. We played school with his furry friends, Grinchy and Hunter.

From Dancedayz – This photo is of our #4 American Girl. We named her Lee-Woo   after our youngest daughter Kattarina Lee-Woo. I designed and hand sewed her Korean Hanbok for Korean New Year. Lee-Woo is sitting on one of Katt’s Hanbok from Korea.

From Rachel D – Rebecca and Nellie decided to have a movie night! Come watch the whole video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ0HEpvLwGs .

From Bella G – Saige in the yard.

From Chantel – My doll Sophie taking advantage of her first official snow day this winter! Watch “Snow Day Fun~AG Dolls Photoshoot” on YouTube Snow Day Fun~AG Dolls Photoshoot: http://youtu.be/_Lp_gXHMtA8

From Madi – Diana writing in her diary while eating brownies!

From Sharry – Greetings DD readers! We’ve been having great weather lately, and my dolls have been loving it! Here’s a picture of (L-R) Jason (AG/OG hybrid), Danny (OG), and Sunny (AG Julie) having fun skateboarding through the neighborhood. You can see Sunny has the new American Girl LE Skateboard set.You can go tojuliestimecapsule.blogspot.com to see the whole story. Happy Sunday!

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