Good morning! I just love weekend mornings – I almost always get up before anyone else, make my cup of coffee and enjoy my time posting the Picks on Saturday and the Sunday Showcase. Each week I am reminded of the amazing doll community we have and how it brings together doll lovers of all ages. Now that is a great thing! 

Let’s see what your dolls have been up to this week.

From Melangell.  Matilda, my Girl for All Time, wishes you a Happy Valentines Day!

From Dolls on a Dime – The girls are enjoying some tasty treats at their Valentine party. The backdrop is a presentation board draped with a heart scarf, and the table is an old lamp base and a decorative piece of wood. See more at

From Fawn – No More Squinting for Charlotte. “Is that a “d” or a “b”?”, she wondered. Charlotte was having trouble copying her spelling words from the blackboard in Miss Galbraith’s 3rd grade class. Noticing her squinting, Miss Galbraith sent Charlotte to the school nurse for an eye exam. The eye chart results revealed that something wasn’t quite right and a trip to the eye doctor was recommended. Sure enough Charlotte needed glasses. Now the fun and challenge was to pick the proper frames. The choices were endless. Should she pick the black ones? No, they made her look like Velma on Scooby Doo. How about the wire rims – only if she wanted to look like Simon the Chipmunk. Maybe the tortoiseshell pair? Nope, too much like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”. Finally Charlotte and her mom spotted the purple frames. One look in the mirror and they knew these were the perfect choice. Why? Because they made Charlotte look like – well – like Charlotte!

From Dancedayz – With all of our winter snow and more to come in the next 3 days… Three of our girls are thinking about enjoying the porch swing when Spring comes. On the swing are: Kirsten, Lee-Woo and Addy. It’s one of their favorite spots.

From Rachel D – Nellie and Samantha posed for a photo shoot in their loveliest dresses just in time for Valentines Day! See the whole photo shoot here . 

From JGKelsey – Is winter done yet? I’m ready for winter to be done…Meredith, however, loves the snow. She saw the snow coming down, put on her boots and snow suit, and out she ran into the frigid cold. She loves snowboarding in the fresh powder. She even hit a few jumps! Meredith is wearing last years American Girl snowboard outfit.

From Wendy – Sleepover in Taryn’s room.

From Ms. AGdoll – My doll, Sadie Elizabeth, stopped playing with her puppy to pose for this picture. 🙂 She is wearing her new AG Silver Stitch Hoodie that she got at AG Atlanta.

From Dolls and Ponies – Lydia (MyAg #50) looks lovely for Valentine’s Day.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have been practising very diligently for their upcoming music and dance recitals. They are having a lot of fun, though, working together.

From Rebecca – My la patisserie is almost finished! Thank you for your printable bags and more!

From Farrah Lily – Cerise and Apple take a break from class to share some hot tea on this chilly, blustery winter day! (They also decided to switch outfits.

From Peace – I sewed this amazing dress for my sister’s Hearts for Hearts doll- doesn’t she look cute in it?:-)

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:
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