Sorry for making you wait all day long for the Sunday Showcase! We just arrived home after a 6 hour car ride from Pittsburgh after visiting with family for a few days. Now, let’s see what everyone’s dolls have been up to this week.

From Kristen L.- I know this may be late, but my dolls wish all, doll owners, fellow readers, and dolls, Happy Dollidays!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! My dolls did! Happy New Year also! –Chloe

My beautiful new wigged Ellowyne doll that I got for Christmas. She is wigged and had inset eyes and I named her Leila. From- Livelovedolls

From Cedar– My Gabby Douglas doll was very happy to receive the new gymnastics leotard and Beam and Bar set for Christmas. I hope you all got something special too.

From Olive– I got Picasso for Christmas. My doll Olive has been doing some trick riding on him.

From Iris– I got #51 who was turned into Taylor Swift for me before I even opened the box! She was wearing Saige’s white jeans, a Bitty Twin Shirt and sneakers and sunglasses. In her bag was a pair of shorts and more red shoes. She also came with a DVD biography of Taylor Swift! She was also my 13th doll, which fans know is Taylor Swifts lucky number!!!

Look whom I caught opening presents early on Christmas morning! From Agnieszka.

My dolls had a wonderful Christmas. Here is a picture of them with their Christmas presents. From: Michaela

Some of the girls from Pine Valley Girls Club went caroling around town last weekend “Joy to the world, the lord is come!” They sang. They want to wish the whole Doll Diaries community a very Merry Christmas!

From Cordelia – On Christmas morning, a very excited Katherine and Rose ran to the tree in their parlour to open their gifts. They were delighted to receive new dolls, books, paper dolls and hair accessories. What a happy Christmas morning for them!

From Stephanie – My big gift this Christmas was a new doll, Caroline Abbott. Here she is dressed in another one of the other gifts I received, a Regency-style Christmas dress. She is a gorgeous girl!

Kendall and Brielle received this doll house addition for Christmas. A bedroom and stable for their new dolls named Marie Grace and Caroline Brielle. Merry Christmas Doll Diaries! Love Xo, Tara C. and daughters Kendall & Brielle

From Bethany M – I had fun with the LEGO family greeting card. One picture is the actual dolls, the other is them as lego men. Since both have name labels, you can see how they compare. 🙂

From Stephanie – Kirsten and Kaitlyn, the two dolls I’ve had the longest, are enjoying cookies and cocoa by the fireside in their new living room from American Doll Room.

From Samantha – Nicole, Kit, And Emily decorate the tree.

 I got Hearts 4 Hearts Shola for Christmas from my Grandma! I decided to use the sewing machine and fabric I also got to make her two new hijabs. I used the one she came with as a guide and used the same idea of using velcro squares and elastic to make putting it on easier. From Eileen.

From Kaylee.

My 23 dolls ( some are hidden) and I had an awesome Christmas and hope you had an awesome one, too!! From GraceKelly.

From Evie – The girls tried to wait for Santa, but as every Santa hunt goes, didn’t make it through the night.

This is my new mini doll, Caroline. I got her from Barnes and Noble, and I love her green eyes and her hair is gorgeous! From Abby

From Andrea – Best friends, Jillian and Echo (from, are dressed in their new holiday outfits and wanted to wish the Doll Diaries readers Happy Doll-idays!

Journey Girls (Jordanna), Jescyntha – From Kaf.

This is my new doll Emily Jade Bennett. I just got her for Christmas! Happy New Year! –Sarah

From Abigail – I got Saige before she retired!! Her full name is Saige Maria Copeland.

My new Our Generation doll riding with Mosi  – from Jennifer.

My doll Emma wishes you a happy holiday season! Thanks! Abby W.

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