Is everyone getting ready for the holidays? We sure have been busy! Let’s see what you have been up to.

From Tony – Jane is busy checking to make sure everything is ready for Santa’s arrival – the stocking is hung, the fire in the fireplace is out, the tree is decorated, and the cookies for Santa are in place. Now if she can just get to sleep! ~ May everyone have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From Abigail ~ I took Kenna (Mckenna) out in the first snow

From Lauren – Matilda stands next to the Nativity scene and admires the detail in it. She truly cannot believe all of the work that went into King Henry’s court decorations for the Yuletide season. “Even the tree is bigger than any I’ve seen in the countryside.” Matilda exclaims! Happy Holidays Everyone from me and my doll family! ~Lauren~

From Cordelia –  After changing into their night clothes, hanging their stockings on their bedposts, and then hopping into bed, Katherine and Rose are spending a little time talking about how excited they are as they wait for Christmas morning to come.

From JulietXD – Hi! This week I made a pair of finger-less gloves for my dolls. I was inspired by Char, but I don’t crochet, so mine are knitted. The full pattern I made up and a few more pictures are on my blog,

From Cedar– Fern and Olive are giving each other a big holiday hug. Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas time.


From Iris– Ihee has been in charge of decorating the tree for my dolls this year. I love the new Brocade dress, it seems to look beautiful on every doll.


From Olive– Milly, Baby and Olivia are doing playing with Christmas toys while Jane, Molly and Nellie are babysitting them.


From April– Saige in Cecile’s Dress. I just love how it looks on her! Wishing everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.

From Aileen – These are my dolls Paisley, Lexi, Jamie, and Miley using the new tea set that I found at the dollar store.

From Alisha C.-Four of my girls (from left to right: Elsie, Millie, Molly, and Emily) admiring the mini Christmas tree I got just for them and the other dolls. Meanwhile, Elsie inspects a present she found under the tree–could it be a new doll for them to play with? It seems like it’s exactly the right size… (Note: It is 🙂 it’s a Caroline mini doll I got earlier this month.)

From Mariah – The dolls love Christmas!(or Hanukkah) The snow is falling heavily!

From Mason: Sandals? In the snow? Classy Saige.

From Sabrina – Merry Christmas from my doll family to yours! (not everyone is in these pics)

Merry Christmas from Molly’s dolls

From Camille – This is my new porcelain doll that I got at a Thrift store I named her Miracle.

From Jennifer – Memory’s of this year . Halloween with Saige, Emily and Kit. Last New Year with poppy the cat and Maylin. Summer with most of the dolls. December sitting with gingerbread houses. September getting ready for first day of school with Kit, Emily and Saige

Molly’s Minifigure Postcard

Ryan’s Minifigure Postcard

From Meg_DollFanInAfrica -I just made a customized LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday card. Its Summer in Africa so my LEGO people are on the beach!

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