Good Morning!! Today is the last day of Annie and while I am exhausted, I know Natalie has enjoyed every minute of it and will really miss it. She is going to audition for Little Mermaid in the Spring, so she doesn’t have to wait to much longer get back on stage! We have so many wonderful submissions for Sunday Showcase today, so let’s get to it!

From Agnieszka – Amelia and Matilda and me wanted to see the museum which is inside the palace, but it was closed. So the girls just posed at the fence. We hope we will have more luck next time.

From Marshallnature – My new doll Beth is a Tribute (Hunger Games Fandom) This was taken before she went to see Catching Fire!

From Cordelia – Finally, the day arrived for Katherine’s violin recital. Katherine was nervous, but felt comforted to have Rose by her side to turn the pages. She performed very well and received many compliments after the recital. However, Katherine remained modest. ‘After all’, she said, ‘ I have been practising since 1904.’

From Tessa – This is my new Matilda doll! I hope you like the pictures!

From Tony – Jane and Cecelia are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the children’s table. We hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day. Thanks to Char for Doll Diaries!

From: aginparadise – I have been practicing french braiding of McKenna this week… I’m not too great but I am slowly getting the hang of it!

I can’t believe I forgot to wish our very own Madelon a Happy Birthday last week! She sent in this photo of Emily modeling some of the mix and match items from the What a Doll line from Kmart – very cute!

Meghan from Looks like I’m not the only one in my house who loves dolls! I just walked in and saw my Golden Retriever lying here with my doll!

From Meg_DollFanInAfrica. My dolls are really lucky as they got a shopping trolley (cart) – it was bought for R200 (with a lot of sweets that were given away) and the wheels work plus there is a child seat. Rahel (H4H) is pushing the trolley but she is a bit too short. She has placed a plush penguin in the trolley and hopes her new toy will be lots of fun.

Saige out In the snow. From, Livelovedolls 

From Devyn – This is Caroline Whitney. My 5-year old aunt just recently received her from my dad at the AG store in Atlanta.

From Jennifer – the girls are dancing around the fireplace waiting for it to snow!

From Sheliya – My new Hearts 4 Hearts doll is ready to celebrate Thanksgivukah. She has Caroline’s work dress on. I put a rubber band around her waist.

From AG Bffs – This week we took some Holiday photos of our dolls. This is one of our favorites. 

From Stephanie J – Felicity & Kit (my dolls) and Molly & Emily (my Mom’s dolls) enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner together on Thursday. I made their meal using sculpey clay; while it was my first experience working with it, I think everything turned out pretty well!

It was pretty chilly out, but the girls and I sneaked out for a few pictures in their fancy holiday dresses that I sewed for them.  From left to right are Ellen (a muslim doll from Joann with an iron on face), Elsie (A Life of Faith doll), Emily (American Girl doll), and Samantha (American Girl doll).  We want to remind everyone to give thanks to God for your blessings year round and not just on Thanksgiving. Wish Natalie luck for me–I know she’ll do fantastic! ~Molly and the girls.

From Camille– This is a photo that I took in the morning light. This is Daisy my new dolly.

From Sewbig – Happy Thanksgiving from Sewbig’s American Girls (and Boys).  His costume modified from a Fancy Frocks Pilgrim pattern.  Her outfit from Keepers’ pattern, “Pretty Pilgrim”.

From Kristen L.: Coconut has climbed up the pathway light to be as tall as Molly. Nice try Coconut!

From Lauren M – Ruthie, Melody, and Kit had a sleepover during the holiday break. I was able to capture one more moment of their slumber party magic before they all fell asleep. Don’t they look sweet?  Happy December Everyone!!!!

“Ohhh, I ate too much turkey! But I guess that’s a crucial part of Thanksgiving, right? Eating way too much because it all looks so good! Haha! Happy belated Thanksgiving!” -Alexis (the doll) and Katie M. (The human)

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