Gooooood morning! I can’t wait to share these great photos that were sent in this week… let’s get started!

Hi! This week, my sister Elizabeth and I made sugar cookies! This was one of my favorite pictures that Mom took. You can see the rest of the photos on the blog post I wrote about it: ~Chrissa

From Eileen – Mary (on sled) and Violet decided to try out Mary’s new saucer sled that her mom gave her as an early Christmas present. The sled is actually a human Frisbee.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have finished decorating their parlour and are now admiring the lights on their tree. They have each left a “wish list” for Santa. I wonder what they hope to receive?

From Aginparadise – Gwen had a fun time in my front yard today, she even found a dandelion and made a wish!

From Agnieszka – Nahji outside, checking the weather. The girl still hopes that her first Christmas in Poland will be white.

From Sophia: After it snowed on Tuesday, Matilda was very pleased to see the ground covered in snow.

From Tony – Jane has been singing Christmas Carols in the park to help raise money for the local shelter and food bank. Elizabeth stopped by to listen and to make a donation.

From Mikayla – I got to work making Christmas cards for all the dolly families out there as a little thank you to my readers! See more on my blog and feel free to download and print any of these!

From Madelon – Elle, wearing a Mary Englebreit cherry print dress, celebrates National Pastry Day (Dec. 9) with the cherry pie she just baked.

I took these photos of Caroline on Monday before it started snowing! From Hannah.

From Beth – Saige is having an indoor picnic on this cold day.

From Katrina – Yesterday was my birthday and my aunt and grandparents gave me: the journey girls travel set, the journey girls bed, and Saige!

From Jemma –  It was a raining day in South African and Saige decided to go for a walk with her umbrella to keep her from getting wet. 

From Jennifer – The power was out so Mosi snuggled up with the tree.

Isn’t this silhouette beautiful? The sun was in the perfect place. From Mariah.

From Mason – Saige is so excited to show us her painting!

From KAF – You know your dolls furniture is comfortable when…

Baby Cinderella’s makeover by Sabrinalovesag.

From Katie M – The girls are together to celebrate Katie’s birthday (Monday)! They are so excited to see who is in the box. Katie hopes it’s Saige!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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