I hope everyone has had a great week! I can’t believe summer is over and we go back to regular schedules, afterschool activities and homework on Tuesday! Are you looking forward to anything new this fall? I am. I am so excited that I am going to be teaching a few hours a week again. I will be teaching tumbling classes for the dancers at the studio my girls go to and I can’t wait. Ok, back to the Sunday Showcase! Let’s take a look at what the dolls were up to this week.

My new Samantha saying hello! I got her at the beforever debut and she is adorable! submitted by Shannon

From Kristen L.~ I recently went to  the Beforever launch and set up a hotel room with some of the things I got.

From Sophie – Here’s our most recent project for doll play, inspired by all you do at Doll Diaries!  I created an ice cream parlor for my daughter’s dolls.  For the main piece (the stand), I used a printable and project found on the Springfield Dolls website.  I covered the stand with Mod Podge to make it more durable.  There are also shelves on the opposite side to store things.  The table is my own idea, using stuff from my recycled bin and duck tape.  The chairs were made following a tutorial found on Karen Mom of Three’s blog.  I found the blackboard in the scrapbooking section at Michael’s.  As for the food, some are handmade, some pieces are erasers, and the drinks are mini candles. The background scene is all handmade by me.

From Samantha – Today Kit, Emily, and Nicole opened a cupcake business! Check out all the flavors! Whose outfit do you like best?

Last weekend Eliza (Cleo by Paola Reina) visited Cracow, a beautiful old city in the south of Poland. In the picture she is standing in the very centre of the city – the Old Market Square. From Agnieszka

It’s Emily from americangirldollsandme.weebly.com. Here is a not yet published photo shoot (which will be published by Sunday).

From Tony – Jane loves her new blue gown, she’s so happy her parents decided to give a party so she could wear it. She paired the new gown with a white lace shawl her Grandmother gave her.

From Becky – A day at the vet.

From Becky – Bath time with Molly.

From Becky –  Caroline purchasing her favorite dog treats.

From Kylie 

Oh my goodness I just love this photo sent in by Pauline this week!

Gabriella is happy to be going back to school.  She is excited to see her friends again.  She loves riding the bus.  This year she is really excited to be in science class.  Gabriella hopes to learn all about the planets, especially Saturn. And she can’t wait to show off her new outfit and backpack.  Hope everyone’s back to school is awesome!

Felicity had a friend over today! They’re playing with their cloth and yarn dolls. From Emmie.

From Saskia – This week I made AG Isabelle´s Performance set. To see how I made it, check out my blog craftfunandmore.wordpress.com.

From Sharry – Happy Sunday DD friends! It might be Back To School time for most of you, but my dolls are still at camp (they start school the 3rd week of September). At Camp Echo Hill, the Blue Jays cabin w/ the counselor Kerry are on a camp out, and toasting marshmallows for S’Mores. Danny and Jason have stopped by to tell the girls a ghost story called “Three Finger Willy”.  Featured dolls (L-R) are Danny (OG Custom), Jason, (AG/OG hybrid), Kerry (Ideal (Crissy Family), Julie (Springfield Collection), Melody (AGOT #20), Kim (Adora Friends), and Cheryl (Via-E). I would love it if you would check out the camp series on my blog (beginning August 15th), and leave comments to tell me how you like it. I really worked hard on it! Thanks, and have a good Labor Day!

Honey worked really hard on making this entry for the Doll Wardrobe’s contest and we would love, love, love it if you would vote for her. Just go to this link and leave a comment saying “I vote for entry #18”! Feel free to look around at all the other amazing entries and vote for as many as you would like. Thanks, ~Pine Valley Girls Club~
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