I hope you all had a great week! Summer is almost over and the time for football games, raking leaves and holidays is right around the corner! Thanks for all the great photos you sent in this week… let’s take a look.

YouTuber AgDollLoverAlex  took this gorgeous photo of Kit wearing Saige’s dress. SO PRETTY!

From Eileen – Violet went to a Renaissance Festival and I bought her this lovely Fairy Princess dress. I thought that it looked wonderful with her coloring and some fairy wings and tiara I have at home.

From Julie – I had fun enjoying the last days of Summer in the sunshine! What did you do this summer?

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) is playing with her paper doll, Mary, and her fashions. Jane’s other doll, Elizabeth, is pouting because Jane is not playing with her.

From Cordelia – This week at Camp Doll Diaries, Katherine and Rose have chosen their bright new life vests as their fashion accessories ( thank you, Char, for the link to Amanda’s craft on American Girl Doll Play). The dolls have paddled their canoe across a small lake and are now taking a short break before landing and setting up their tent and equipment. They plan to spend the night in the woods!

From Mariah – My dolls are enjoying the last few weeks before school starts! I hope your foot feels better Char!

I won the PJ and tee shirt giveaway. Samantha and Felicity are modeling the outfits. Thank you so much. From Sheliya.

From Elizabeth – Kirsten sits on a rock outside her family’s cabin, enjoying the sunshine on the prairie as summer comes to an end.

From Katrina – In the spirit of fashion week Marie became a duct tape fashionista! I attempted to make a dress but it failed. I made her a book bag and a hair flower.

From Kristen L.– Ivy and Sugar are enjoying their afternoon.

From Rachel E. – Nellie came to the Baltimore Zoo with me and want to have her picture taken with the elephants. She thought the zoo was cool.

From Alice – I just got Saige a few weeks ago, she is so pretty!

From Paper Doll World – my three Ever After High girls, Madeline, Fiona (formerly Apple White) and Aisling (formerly Ashlynn Ella),  enjoying a picnic inspired by Anna’s bento project. Aisling’s hair clip is a simplified version of the one created by Anna.

Sophie T got the Springfield flip chair and used my instructions from last year to make the bonus chair.

Meet my new doll Alicia!!!!!! I got her for my birthday, but she took a little while to come to my house. She is an Ashton Drake Alicia Doll and I love her so so so so much!!!!  From Elly

Saorise is so excited – she got Molly!

And this is from Paper Doll Art who was inspired by Paper Doll World to make her own paper dolls!

From Diana Lee– My doll Faith (#55) spent some time outside studying for her Japanese class.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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