Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a great week. How many of you have already gone back to school? My girls don’t start school until after Labor Day so this week will be our last week of summer vacation. Hopefully Natalie can get a bunch of photography done this week because once school starts, she is going to be a busy girl! 

Let’s take a look at what all the dolls did this week.

From Kristen L.~ I received my package from My Doll’s Life a few weeks ago. I chose to get the aqua maxi skirt & aqua & gray stripe tank top set, the lemonade set, pink hangers (not pictured), and they also included a little extra gift of socks (not pictured). Thanks to My Doll’s Life and Doll Diaries for having this giveaway!

From Paris – My doll Jane (38) just had a Photoshoot done today check out the video –

From Fawn – Diana accepts the ice bucket challenge and makes a donation from her summer profits at The Barkery.

?From Shelby-Grace: My doll, Cora, got a horrible dye transfer from a piece of clothing she was wearing, so I did the “Oxy Cream Treatment” on her and it worked!! Now she is recovering so I gave her Cecile’s Nightwear as a get-well gift 😉 Cora is so excited to try the nightgown on!

?From Canorem: This is Georgia; doesn’t she look pretty?

From Pauline – Emily at the beach, please also check out my site :

From Zuri – This is my dolls Molly (left) and Isabelle at the MOA by the new pets.

From Bethany – I made new shoes for April out of paper! I modpodged them to make them sturdy and voila! She has shoes! She needed them badly.

From AshleighluvAG – Isabelle, Cooper the dog, McKenna and Holly are toasting marshmallows and talking about their most favorite craft they did at Camp Doll Diaries this year. They are kind of sad that their Camp ends on August 30 but they are enjoying their last couple weeks! Cooper especially loved Pet Rescue Week this week, he loves his new doggy sweater!

From Janet – My mother and I recently added some new clothes to our Etsy shop. We’d love it if you come check them out!

From Aileen – Two of my Madame Alexander dolls – Madison is wearing a mermaid outfit and Danielle is wearing an outfit that reminded me of Isabelle ‘s meet outfit.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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There will not be a Throwback Thursday post this week because we will be at the Beforever Debut, however, the theme for September 4th will be retired American Girl DENIM outfits (jeans, jackets, etc). You can start sending photos in anytime, but they will not go up until the 4th. Put THROWBACK DENIM in the subject line and email to