I don’t know about you, but this past week was definitely one of my favorites for Camp Doll Diaries so far! And by the  looks of all these great photos, everyone had a fun week of doll play, too.

From Elizabeth – Chocolate Chip and I had a photo-shoot on my blog and this was my favorite picture. (You can see the whole story at http://thesaltysadollblog.blogspot.com/)

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have spent a wonderful time trying out all the creative ideas for fairytales at Camp Doll Diaries this week. In this picture, Katherine is making some adjustments to Rose’s costume as the Paper Bag Princess, based on the book of the same name by Robert Munsch. The story is a twist on traditional fairy tales. As well, Katherine and Rose persuaded Katherine’s cat, Growltiger, to dress up as Puss-in-Boots (which was not easy!).

From Tony – Once upon a time at Camp Doll Diaries, Rapunzel (Jane) was wishing upon a rainbow that her Prince would find her, rescue her from the tower, and they would live happily ever after!

From Becky –  Layne and her little sister Lauryce selling lemonade to Josephina and her little cousin Consuelo.

From Kristen – From Kristen L.~ Saige and Ivy are shopping at the Fashion Boutique!

My doll Saige modeling a very pretty Victorian outfit I got from a ebay seller this week. From, Gillian

From Agnieszka – Last Sunday I took Matilda to an exhibition of Renaissance fashion so that she could enjoy a touch of the past (which for her was rather like a trip down the memory lane). My friend (a boy!), me and the lady working at the museum had a lot of fun taking photos of the very happy girl. The lady liked Matilda so much that she helped us put her in different places and she said (a joke, I hope ) she was going to keep her there. As if I ever could part with my Matilda! I love her to bits! I’m sorry the photo is a bit blurry but we weren’t allowed to use flash. Unfortunately, it’s the best one of all.

I made the coffee bags from the starbuck’s craft. The table was a coffee container and I wrapped it in tissues and glued it on. Then I taped the sign on. The coffee bags are in a jewelry container . Last is  the worlds largest coffee bag (in doll world).Thank’s for doing the crafts. From-Rachel B.

Princess Rebecca is wide awake do to the uncomfortable bed she is sleeping on. If you look closely you will see the pea sticking out under the bed. Meanwhile, across the kingdom; Chrissa(Snow White) has just eaten the poisonous apple( AG tart and has fallen asleep until her true loves kiss. From  Katrina.

From Karen – Loved your post of this project. We blinged it out. Added a strap and velcro to hold it on the horse better.  I tried the straps on legs. It didn’t work well.  So I made socks for the horse. Instead I cut out pieces that were 4×5 and surged it. The material is stretchy so it worked great. Keep the projects coming.

From Victoria – After a long hunt (i couldnt find her anywhere!) I found Dell she is my first hearts 4 hearts doll and I love her!

From Wyn – Molly reading Great Expectations. I have a tutorial on how to make a book on my blog, www.mydollcrafts.weebly.com.

From Jen – American girl dolls at their school orientation.

From Madison – all 10 of my dolls – all 10 have a special place in my heart and I love all of them equally.



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