Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great week. It is a HUGE day for us today. I am driving with my son to get him settled at college – on one hand I am beyond happy for him and oh, so proud, and at the same time I am sad he is going. Thank goodness for cell phones and Skype!

Now let’s take a look at the adventures your dolls had this week.

From Jenny – My doll, Brooke, is on vacation with me! So naturally, she needs to have pictures taken for my instagran- @darkdollies~

From Em– This was an old photo I found in my vault. If I remember correctly, in this photo Anna is helping Rebecca when she’s sick. (I was 9 when I took this photo btw)

From Amy – Here’s a photo from my blog post about school uniforms for dolls. It also tells which patterns I used and has a few tips for sewing doll clothes:

From Erin (An Australian Doll Fan) This is my newest doll, Celia Christine Woodley (Australian Girl Doll Annabelle). She is named after Celia Pacquola (an Australian comedienne), my grandmother (who’s name is Christine) and Frank Woodley (another Australian comedian).

From Jo – It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s super Rebecca!!!!!!

From Tony – Jane invited Cecelia to her house for a sleepover. They are having fun doing puzzles, playing music, reading stories, and eating gingerbread.

Beforever American Girl Samantha and Kit

From an anonymous source – Beforever Samantha and Kit dolls waiting to make their grand entrance!

From Linda – Saige and Caroline thought it would be fun to put on a performance of the movie, Frozen.

From AshleighluvAG – Next up for the Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show is Cooper the lion!

?From Shelby-Grace: I entered The Doll Wardrobe’s Photo Contest! I used this picture with Rebecca flying 😉 I would be so happy if you would vote for me! To vote, just leave a comment on my entry saying, “I vote for entry #17” 😉 Here is the link to my entry:

From Suzanne – Saige and Samantha pose as bosom friends Anne Shirley and Diana Barry for some Anne of Green Gables fun. My new Samantha mini was perfect right out of the box, and Saige rocks some braids and a straw hat to channel Anne in Marie Grace’s meet dress. The background scene is from Samantha’s paper doll book from AG.

From Georgia – This is Marie Grace taking a walk on a beautiful day.  There was only one problem, she almost lost her balance when she stumbled upon a tree root. Fortunately, she didn’t fall and she continued on with her walk.

From Kathy – Caroline is trying hard to get her calf Garnet away from her momma’s flowers!

From Bella – My cat loves sleeping in emilys bed with my dolls. Im pretending emily is sick and poppy is the visting her.

From Melangell – I didn’t know it was going to be Victorian week when I started sewing.  I made a Lobster Tail Bustle and Petticoat from a Thimbles and Acorns pattern  I made it for an AG doll and for my Amelia from A Girl for All Time.  Next is the dress to go over it! You can see why this is called a lobster tail bustle!

From Kristen L.- Looks like Anna is up to something… What do you think she’s up to?

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